Police shoots a funeral attendee, #UğurKurt (27), Pro-AKP circles claim it is the work of German Intelligence…

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At the time of shooting, these policemen are claimed to be using their weapons…

Today at around 11, in Okmeydanı, İstanbul, we heard the news that a protester were killed due to a hit at his head after police opened fire with real bullets. Later, the news was corrected and the story went like this: A group of high school students were commemorating Berkin Elvan’s death, police intervened with police gas and real bullets and some went astray and hit the garden of a cemevi, Alevite religious place, and a funeral attendee there were hit by the head. He is still in critical condition… In the mean time, some pro-AKP Twitter accounts including a columnist named Fuat Uğur declared that this was a provocation by German Intelligence right before Erdoğan’s visit to Germany. AKP partisans are creating conspiracy theories unparalleled…

It should a real disgrace for a columnist to make such claims...

It should  be a real disgrace for a columnist to make such claims…

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Στράτος Μωραΐτης  ‏@oemoral Ugur Kurt (27) shot by the police in #Okmaydani in hospital in critical condition. #Istanbul #Turkey

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