EFD Rights Watch: A 34-year-old woman killed by soldies at Turkish-Syrian border due to ‘misunderstanding,’

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Woman killed by soldiers on Turkish-Syrian border due to ‘misunderstanding,’ official says
A 34-year-old woman was killed as she was trying to cross into Turkey on May 19 with her two children and her father



The case drew vast public attention after the victim, Hasan Ferit Gedik, was referenced by Gezi protesters as another symbol of violence against demonstrators
Turkey’s Dickensian Disaster

The prime minister would rather slap protesters than take responsibility for a tragedy.

VIDEO: Policeman suspended after beating shopkeeper
Security camera footage showing the police officer slapping and kicking a shopkeeper had sparked a wide outcry

The remaining workers do not want to go into Soma Mining Co’s mines following the workplace murder in the Soma mine. Workers are determined not to go under ground before an inspection of the mine.
A court refused a prosecutors’ demand for the arrest of the owner of the Soma mine’s operator, ruling that there ‘was no evidence showing his responsibility’ in the disaster
Soma için toplandılar

A sit-in for Soma Disaster in Kadıköy, İstanbul. via Hürriyet.

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