EFD Rights Watch: AKP government after more tweets while decides “to better inform foreign media about Turkey’s press freedom

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Government decides to better inform foreign media about Turkey’s press freedom

The government is taking steps to inform foreign journalists in other countries about the “truth in Turkey,” Davutoğlu said – Russell Brandom – May 8, 11:49 AM – More than a month after Turkey lifted its Twitter block, the country’s government is still keeping a close eye on any potentially embarrassing tweets. This week alone, Turkish courts have filed five separate takedown motions to Twitter HQ
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Jennifer Hattam ‏@TheTurkishLife  Fun for the whole family! MT @ConstanzeLetsch: Tiny Turkish water cannon in #Besiktas toy store. #educationalgifts

Annual abortion cases up from 33,000 to 79,000 in a decade: Ministry

Hurriyet Daily News

While the number of abortions was 33,007 in 2002, it rose to 78,961 in 2012, the health minister said

Footage showing a student being hit by a tear gas canister fired by police in Ankara has raised eyebrows in Turkey.
Mother sent to jail with baby twins calls for postponement of sentence

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