Roboski/ Uludere massacre remembered in its 2nd anniversary

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Not only in Roboski but in many cities, citizens commemorate the Roboski massacre today… 34 villagers died in Turkish planes bombardment:

The Roboski strike, also known as the Uludere massacre, Sirnak massacre, or Roboski massacre took place on December 28, 2011 at 9:37 pm local time near Turkish-Iraqi border. Two Turkish F16 jets fired at a group of villagers, acting on an information that PKK militants were crossing the border. According to Turkish government sources 34 cigarette smuggling civilians were killed in the incident.

Media preview via seyyarforum @seyyarforum “@sidarbasut: an itibariyle #Roboski

Media preview
Media preview Özgür Mumcu @ozgurmumcu
Cumartesi anneleri. Maraş ve Roboski için.


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