Eurosphere roundup: “France takes tough line at Iran talks…”Tight EU budgets..” Anti-Semitism ‘on rise in Europe’

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France takes tough line at Iran talks

France expresses doubts about draft agreement and makes demands on Tehran that appear to be tougher than those from the US and Britain
Iran nuclear talks end without a deal

Near two-week gap before next talks could prove uncomfortable for US and Iranian negotiators, who both face considerable opposition at home
Preventing more Hungarys – a stronger human rights architecture for the EU

The EU is becoming increasingly involved in policy areas that many consider the holy grail of national sovereignty. How did this come about? The short answer is: Hungary.

Tight EU budgets usher in new era of efficient spending, innovative finance


SPECIAL REPORT / When there is less money, the only way to cope is to spend it better and more efficiently. This is the age-old principle behind Brussels‘ approach to the next EU budget, for 2014-2020.


Efficiency has become the Brussels buzzword, even amongst the college of commissioners.


Greek police storms TV building as Troika visits


Riot police stormed the former Greek state television headquarters in Athens yesterday (7 November) and evicted dozens of journalists who were fired five months ago, ending a protracted sit-in against the broadcaster’s closure.


The government took ERT off the air in June to meet a target for public sector job cuts set by foreign lenders, triggering a political crisis that prompted one party to quit the ruling coalition.

Anti-Semitism ‘on rise in Europe’

A survey of Jewish people in Europe says anti-Semitism is increasing, particularly on the internet, an EU agency finds.
MAIN FOCUS: ECB makes money even cheaper | 08/11/2013

In a surprise move, the European Central Bank cut the benchmark interest rate to 0.25 percent on Thursday. After the previous cut in May, this marks a further historic low. The move can stimulate Europe’s economy, commentators believe, but fear that the ECB may soon have used up all its ammunition.

ECB faces Berlin clash on banking union

In an opinion to EU institutions, ECB says that a ‘strong and independent single resolution authority should be at the centre’ of new system

EU, US return to major trade negotiations

The EU and the US today announced they will hold a second round of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) talks in Brussels next week (11-15 November), but the Commission insisted that data protection and secrecy will not be on the agenda.   The week-long round of negotiations replaces talks originally scheduled for October but postponed following the shutdown of the US government.

European shares fall after France credit downgrade

European stocks dropped in early trade on Friday, slipping from five-year highs hit in the previous session

Winter chill over Hungary’s autumn

The only electoral promise Fidesz has fulfilled has been the “restoration of order”, through a myriad of laws, decrees and regulations, a particularly harsh new Penal Code and several new organizations.

FIFA Fines Croatia and Greece for Fans’ Racist Behaviour

In November 2013, Croatia and Greece joined the growing list of national football teams that FIFA has fined for racist behavior of their fans or team members. In Maqy of 2013, FIFA began implementing stricter sanctions aganist racismand discrimination. FIFA President Sepp Blatter stated recentky that this global governing organization must introduce harsher punishments to battle these issues, adding that FIFA was now even willing to “eliminate teams from a competition or deduct points” to that effect. Al Jazeerareports more details regarding the fines issued to the Croatian and Greek national football associations:

Winston Churchill: A founder of the European Union

Leaders of the European Union should revive Winston Churchill’s post-war call for deeper integration of Europe, urged  EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso this weekend.
Sexist movie rating in Sweden: The problem if the only thing women talk about is men

Gender platitudes? Four Swedish cinemas recently introduced so called Bechdel tests, named after a feminist American comic drawer, to rate movies according to their sexist attitudes towards women. Ellen Tejle, the 29 year old director of art-house movie theatre Bio Rio in Stockholm, explains why people should take the test with more irony.
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