Marmaray’s first brief interruption on the first day…

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Marmaray journeys briefly interrupted on first day

Marmaray journeys temporarily interrupted due to power blackout this morning, on the first day after its glorious ceremony
Passengers leave the train and walk through the tunnel under Bosphorus… 
Turkey’s tunnel links east to west

Turkey opens a long-awaited rail tunnel under the Bosphorous connecting Istanbul’s European and Asian sides. As Hayley Platt reports it will effectively connect “London to Beijing” bringing economic benefits to many.
Marmaray connects continents under Bosphorus

The first railway crossing under the Bosphorus, connecting the European and Asian sides of Istanbul, opened yesterday, the 90th anniversary of the Turkish Republic.
La Turquie ouvre le premier tunnel sous le Bosphore pour relier l’Asie et l’Europe

Le Monde (France) mardi 29 octobre 2013, p. SCQ4 Eco et Entreprise Guillaume Perrier, Istanbul Correspondance Le tronçon ferroviaire, qui devrait être inauguré mardi 29 octobre, doit soulager les transports urbains de quinze millions d’habitants. Les dirigeants turcs ont choisi le 29 octobre, jour du 90e anniversaire de la République, pour inaugurer en grande pompe
Turkey opens up the ‘iron Silk Road’

The National (UAE) Tuesday, October 29, 2013, p. 1 Thomas Seibert, Foreign Correspondent Bosphorus rail tunnel links Europe and Asia in Istanbul. More than a century ago, it was an Ottoman sultan’s distant dream. Now an underground rail link between Europe and Asia in Turkey’s metropolis of Istanbul – part of an “iron Silk Road”
In other Istanbul related news:

Istanbul is a delight for the senses


Occupying a deep, natural harbour on the Bosphorus Strait, which divides the Mediterranean from the Black Sea, it’s easy to see why Istanbul was at the centre

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