Cyberculture agenda: “Global Spying Went Nuts Today…

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Bugged Bears, Spy Irons, and the Pope: Global Spying Went Nuts Today

The Pope is being targeted by U.S. eavesdroppers. Julian Assange is sending packageswith video cameras and GPS trackers. The Russians are using teddy bears to snoop on G-20 officials. Spy chips are popping up in electric irons. Oh, and the NSA, it turns out, has broken into Google and Yahoo’s datacenters.


Report: NSA Is Intercepting Traffic From Yahoo, Google Data Centers

Not satisfied with the bulk data it collects through court orders from internet giants Google and Yahoo, the National Security Agency reportedly vacuumed up traffic from communication links between the companies’ data centers, according to documents leaked by Edward Snowden.
New Documents Confirm Same Old Fears: NSA Collects First, Seeks Authorization Later

The government released a second batch of documents yesterday in response to EFF’s ongoing FOIA lawsuit for information concerning Section 215 of the Patriot Act—the provision of law the government relies on to compel the disclosure of records of millions of Americans’ calls.

Bitcoin’s Radical Days Are Over. Here’s How to Take It Mainstream

There are few disappointments in the Digital Age more conspicuous than our failure to “apply the Internet to money.” Enter Bitcoin, the most ingenious system yet for settling online transactions.

RIAA: Bitcoin Makes it Hard to Track or Seize Pirate Bay Donations

btc-ltcThis week the RIAA submitted a new list of “notorious websites” to the U.S. Government, sites that the labels would like to see disappear.

Email will never die: Guidelines to evolving email for the 21st century

emails 520x245 Email will never die: Guidelines to evolving email for the 21st century
Jim Franklin is the CEO of SendGrid, the email delivery platform of choice for over 130,000 customers. Jim is also a mentor for early-stage startups through Techstars and The Founder Institute.
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