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The History of the Personality of Anthropology

This week’s SMOPS is an edited version of Kroeber’s “A History of the Personality of Anthropology,” a piece which Kroeber wrote very late in his life. In it, Kroeber lays down his vision of anthropology’s unique outlook. In one striking passage, he describes anthropology as a ‘changeling’ discipline. Changelings are, in European folklore, elf or fairy children who are brought up by human parents who are unaware of their child’s true nature. The child of natural science on the one hand and the humanities on the other, Kroeber sees anthropology as ill at ease in its adopted home of the social science.


History and Anthropology History and Anthropology (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Popular Anthropology: Buttering Up Humanity

Today’s guest blog post is by Erin B. Taylor (ICS-UL) of PopAnth.

Some years ago, when I was working at The University of Sydney, a colleague of mine stopped me in the corridor to complain. “Nobody listens to anthropologists,” she lamented, “We have so many interesting things to say about the world, but people don’t pay any attention.”

The Fieldwork Playlist: A Research Soundtrack

Inter-disciplinary conference exploring the place of music in the making of research.

Music is evocative of meaning and memories tied to people, places and particular events, powerfully bringing them into the present, yet its role in the making of research pathways is rarely foregrounded. This inter-disciplinary conference hosted by the Goldsmiths Anthropology Department compiles a ‘Fieldwork Playlist’ to explore the place of music in the research process, across the social sciences.… Continue Reading

Making public anthropology: putting it all together

Erin Taylor recently posted this thread over at the Open Anthropology Cooperative:

It’s long been my belief that anthropologists can increase their public visibility and engagement by working together, especially cross-promoting each other’s work. The PopAnth website has been using social media (Twitter, Facebook,Google Plus, LinkedIn) to bring attention to articles written by anthropologists in newspapers, on blogs, in books, and so on.

Guest lecture to cover the anthropological side of zombies

Oklahoma Daily

Zombies and anthropology will come together Friday in a lecture sponsored through the Anthropology Graduate Student Association. Shaawano Chad Uran, Professor of American Indian Studies at the University of Washington, will be presenting on his ..


Remembering the founder of RIC Anthropology

The Anchor

Rhode Island College suffered a great blow to its community last Monday, when emeritus Anthropology professor, Lawrence Lindquist passed away due to multiple complications from an illness. Lindquist was known for both founding and acting as chair to .

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