“CPJ issues first-ever report on press freedom in the United States- A Journalism roundup…

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CPJ issues first-ever report on press freedom in the United States


Barack Obama leaves a press conference in the East Room of the White House August 9. (AFP/Saul Loeb)

Josh Stearns says,

New Report Finds Obama’s Policies Threaten an Independent Press

The Committee to Protect Journalists has released its first-ever special report on freedom of the press in the United States. For many years, CPJ has documented attacks on journalists in many countries around the world. The report focused on how policies and practices of the Obama administration disrupt relationships between journalists and government sources, allow officials to circumvent scrutiny by the press, and create a chilling environment for whistleblowers who might otherwise serve as journalistic sources. The report also discusses the ramifications of NSA surveillance, which leaves journalists and their sources reluctant to communicate electronically.

The newsonomics of 2014 for the German press

See also part one of Ken’s report from Germany.

HAMBURG — In 2011, a German regional media group sponsored the World After Advertising conference in Dusseldorf, at which I spoke. The title seemed a little odd back then. Now, it seems prophetic.

With print ad revenues declining faster in Germany than in the U.S., publishers are pulling out the stops on reader revenue — variations of all-access and digital-only subscriptions. But they are also starting to talk about that very world after advertising.

The newsonomics of 10 ways we’ll judge 2014

At the World Publishing Expo held in Berlin this week, two CEOs of major international news companies — Andrew Miller of The Guardian and Mathias Döpfner of Axel Springer — were asked a question: On a scale of one to 10, how far along were there companies in their digital transition? How far have they traveled on the road to where they need to be?

Miller: 3. Döpfner: 4.

“Because you’ve changed”: Fox News Deck is part newsroom, part broadcast television set, and part sci-fi

When Fox published a video of its new broadcast newsroom — the Fox News Deck — yesterday, more than one (in fact, more like a dozen) journo-nerds immediately wondered whether we had all been transported aboard a Starfleet vessel.


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