Cyberculture roundup: Spotify now in Turkey… A new tool for watching how popular videos spread online

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Spotify is now live in 32 countries after launching in Taiwan, Argentina, Greece and Turkey

Update, as with past Spotify launches, we’ve found that the company has added more than one new market. This post has been updated to reflect that.

Spotify has launched its service in four new markets — Taiwan, Argentina, Greece and Turkey — which take the music streaming site to 32 markets worldwide.

What We Watch: a new tool for watching how popular videos spread online

More than a billion people a month visit YouTube to watch videos.

Sometimes, those billion people watch the same video. More often, they don’t.

YouTube shares information about what videos are popular in different cities and different countries, and for the US, offers a tool to see what videos are popular with different age groups and genders.

What We Watch screenshot

Software problem delays cargo ship arrival at space station

A software glitch will delay Orbital Sciences’ trial cargo ship from reaching the International Space Station

Google to Ditch Cookies, Start Tracking Users With AnonymousIdentifier?

Search Engine Watch

In what could have a significant impact for advertisers online, Google is considering whether to change how they track users online. USA Today reported that Google will no longer use traditional cookies to track users, instead using an anonymous …

Google Said to Mull Anonymous Identifiers Over ‘Cookies’

Google’s anonymous ad tracker AdID ‘could replace third-party cookies’

Google’s AdID, an anonymous identifier for advertising, could replace the …

New Twitter Study Shows How Ads Online Affect Sales Offline

A new study by Twitter and Datalogix has finally brought us data on the impact that online ads have on offline sales. The report? Ads on Twitter absolutely contribute to greater sales in the offline realm. What this means for advertisers is that promoting on Twitter is more important than ever.

13 Best Twitter Practices to Follow

Did you know, 400 million tweets are sent out per day! Yeah, to say the least Twitter can be an overwhelming social media platform to tackle. How do you use Twitter as an effective marketing tool with all of those other tweets out there?!

15 Types of Twitter Eggheads: Are You One of Them?

Your profile picture is a big part of your introduction on Twitter. Have you taken a common-sense approach? Or are you an egghead? The ultimate expression of social media cluelessness is the “too lazy to upload a profile picture” culprit. On Twitter, by default, you’re an egghead.

German hackers say cracked new iPhone’s biometric password

German hackers said Monday they have been able to get past the new biometric identification system contained in the latest generation of Apple’s iconic iPhones.

Google Launches ‘Constitute’ Site for Exploring World’s Constitutions


You can now read, search, and compare 160 constitutions from around the world thanks to Constitute, a website launched by Google on Monday
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