Journalism roundup: three new studies from Reuters Inst. and more…

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Reuters Newsmaker event Reuters Newsmaker event (Photo credit: caribbeanfreephoto)

The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford, has issued three new studies that may be of interest:

Is there still a place for public service television? Effects of the changing economics of broadcasting, edited by Robert G. Picard and Paolo Siciliani

Women and journalism, Suzanne Franks

Climate change and the media—reporting risk and uncertainty, James Painter


The BBC’s structure may no longer be sustainable

The fiasco over severence payments at the BBC highlights far more deep-rooted problems at the BBC. Besides this astonishing largesse with public money there are fundamental cracks in governance structure that must surely be addressed.

The war on whistleblowers and journalism – Glenn Greenwald – 9/19/13 3:49 AM – Discussing press freedoms with Julian Assange, David Coombs, Alexa O’Brien and others I’m working on several stories, so posting this week will be difficult. Until then, below is the video of the 90-minute event I did this week at the Sydney Opera

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