EFD Rights Watch: Increase in homophobic murders… Pressure on media…

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Turkish newspaper watchdog punished for baring teeth

The sacking of Yavuz Baydar from his role as ombudsman of Sabah demonstrates the extent of the PM’s influence

Milliyet appoints Ankara representative Fikret Bila as new editor-in-chief

One of Turkey’s most prominent mainstream newspapers, Milliyet, has appointed its veteran Ankara representative, Fikret Bila, as the new editor-in-chief,

“Do You Have Any Study to Avoid Trans Murders?”

Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) deputy Ayla Akat Ata submitted an official inquiry to Family and Social Policies Minister Fatma Şahin, asking whether the ministry is working on any legislations to avoid trans murders and other related hate crimes in Turkey.


Turkish government, Twitter working on roadmap for Turkey office

Government officials have been in contact with Twitter representatives over potential changes to present laws

LGBT members kept in ‘jail solitary confinement’

A majority of imprisoned lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals are being held in practical solitary confinement

Homophobic prejudices broken by Gezi incidents in Turkey

The Gezi protests have shown that society is much more aware about the rights of the LGBT community than Parliament, according to an activist.

Hate Murder in Downtown Istanbul

Gaye, a trans woman working as flower seller, has been found dead in her apartment, rising the death toll of trans people to 4 in 7 months. “We need a law to combat against hate murders,” said Ebru Kırancı from Istanbul LGBTT.


‘So-called’ celebs who signed The Times Gezi letter were ‘deceived’: PM Erdoğan

‘That so-called celebrities couldn’t show Turkey in a map,’ PM Erdoğan said

In Turkey, Critics of Erdogan’s Government Claim Familiar Pattern of Reprisal

The fallout from the June protests in Turkey is settling into a growing pattern of reprisal against those dissenting against Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, critics of his government say. But that pattern may be backfiring, as it is fueling further discontent among Erdoğan’s opponents, and bolstering their ranks with some of his former supporters

Police Seizes Grave Stones, Detains Homeless in Gezi Park

Police once more seized the grave stones in the park symbolically dedicated to those who died during Gezi Resistance. This morning’s police intervention also resulted in the detention of 16 homeless people and a human rights activist from Germany

My sacking is an attack not just on journalism, but on Turkish democracy | Yavuz Baydar

Turkey needs freedom of expression more than ever. Erdoğan’s clampdown could stop dead our transition to a liberal democracy

Last week I was fired from my job as independent ombudsman for the Turkish daily newspaper Sabah, following the censoring of my column.

Turkish newspaper watchdog punished for baring teeth

The sacking of Yavuz Baydar from his role as ombudsman of Sabah demonstrates the extent of the PM’s influence

You’re a big cheese Turkish industrialist who admires the prime minister. Indeed, you made his son-in-law your CEO. And you also own a great Istanbul daily paper you want to be taken seriously, so you named one of the country’s most respected journalists your ombudsman. He’s your outward and visible guarantee of editorial freedom. But then, after too many disappointments, he writes an article for the New York Times that says “dirty alliances between governments and media companies and their handshakes behind closed doors damage journalists’ role as public watchdogs and prevent them from scrutinising cronyism and abuses of power: one need only follow the money”.

The Turkish protests have left us enlightened and emboldened | Zeynep Talay-Turner

The overseas interest has waned but our protests continue amid a brutal government crackdown and give us reason to smile

On 25 June, three weeks after the Gezi Park protest started, an American friend sent me an email. He asked me whether I was OK, and hoped that the protests hadn’t “affected me in a negative way”. There was something in his tone that suggested that he thought the protests were already in the past, the camp in the park having been liquidated on 15 June. He was wrong; they have continued ever since. Why?


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