UK based Academic sources for Comics studies.

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I stole the information from the MECCSA mailing list:)

the UK already has a well established Comics Scholars network centred on Comics Forum (2009 on). For anyone interested in this key academic comics organisation, more info can be found at

CF is also linked in with other UK comics research organisations, such as the International Bande Dessinée Society, which is based in Glasgow, This group is well established, having published the journal European Comic Art since 2008.

Further comic related initiatives in the UK involve the journals, Studies in Comics,id=168/ (Bournemouth and Dundee uni staff lead) and The Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics (Manchester Met staff lead), both of which have run for several years.

And a discussion list on Jiscmail for UK Comic Scholars, which has run for over 4 years and would welcome further participants, via my website Dr Mel Comics

Besides, a new set of resources available on the Comics Forum website (


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