Alleged civilian Ergenekon leader spotted in Amsterdam

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Bedrettin Dalan, who is claimed to be one of the highest leaders of Ergenekon gang and who is on the run, was spotted in Amsterdam as several dailies gave the news…
Ergenekon fugitive Dalan photographed in Amsterdam
Today’s Zaman
Former Mayor of istanbul Bedrettin Dalan, who is named as a suspect at large in the Ergenekon investigation, was spotted at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport .

Ruling through manipulation and provocation: The unwritten history of Turkey
Today’s Zaman
Later, its president, Sinan Aygün, was indicted in the Ergenekon trial, but no one paid any attention to the active campaign his organization was conducting

”ve ersele aleyhim tayran ebabil…” (Pul)

by iç-mihrak

An anarchist art case: juxtaposing Quranic verse with Turkey’s first female pilot, Sabiha Gökçen, who was one of the bombers over the Dersim rebels in a fictional stamp: “And send against them swarms of flying creatures,…” (Quran, 105/3)

First Kurdish signs by Diyarbakır municipality, a huge roundup on Ergenekon case etc follow:

The Kurdish initiative after the İzmir incident

The stoning of a pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party convoy (DTP) in İzmir by town residents over the weekend have led many to question the role of the opposition parties in the eruption of such cases in their use of provocative discourse while voicing their opposition against the government’s Kurdish initiative.


Stoning the DTP in İzmir


As Turkey takes determined steps to resolve its long-standing Kurdish problem, with the government aiming to expand the scope of the rights enjoyed by Kurds, an unfortunate case which took place in the western province of İzmir, where a pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) convoy was stoned by residents, has led to great disappointment.

The First Kurdish Signs

from Kamil Pasha by Jenny White

Under Ankara’s “Kurdish Opening”, Kurdish place names are to be restored. Here is the first of the new street signs:


Photo from Radikal (click here)


Roma education to get crucial boost in funding

from Turkey | World Bank

Roma Education Fund

Roma education to get crucial boost in funding

BRUSSELS, November 12, 2009―At an international donor conference hosted by the Open Society Institute, the World Bank and the European Economic and Social Coimmittee, donors swung their financial support behind education for the Roma, Europe ’s largest minority population. The €25.5 million in funding commitments announced by donors today is targeted for the Roma Education Fund (REF) and will provide the essential ingredients needed for children to succeed in school: scholarships, school meals, teacher training and academic support. The added financial support will also help governments develop stronger national policies for Roma inclusion.


Editorial – Turkey and the Kurds –


On Kurds, Syria Bucking the Trend

from Istanbul Calling by Yigal Schleifer

Human Rights Watch has just issued an interesting and thorough report about the repression of Kurdish political and cultural life in Syria (Kurds make up about 10 percent of the population there). While Iraq’s Kurds are getting closer and closer to something approaching statehood and Turkey is discussing significant changes in how to approach its Kurdish minority, Syria appears to be heading in the other direction. From the report, entitled “Group Denial”:

Democratization of Kurdish region: the economic perspective


While examining the government’s Kurdish initiative I came to the conclusion that the initiative itself does not match the reality on the ground, making it difficult to sustain a durable democracy in the region.

Turkey’s Kurdish move linked to EU accession – Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review

MIT says it informed General Staff about illegal command houses in 2007
Today’s Zaman
The question came from the 13th High Criminal Court after a hearing for the Ergenekon trial, during which Col. Cengiz Köylü was cross-examined about the

Top European Parliament officials say Ergenekon probe must run its course
Today’s Zaman
Top European Parliament officials have said Europe has been watching to see the results of the investigation into Ergenekon, a clandestine organization

Prosecutor: Coup attempts are core of 2nd Ergenekon trial
Today’s Zaman
The subject matter of the second of the two ongoing trials into Ergenekon — a clandestine gang charged with plotting to overthrow the government

Retired military prosecutor calls for probe into suspicious suicides
Today’s Zaman
He also said he was ready to testify if prosecutors conducting an ongoing probe into a clandestine criminal organization known as Ergenekon summon him.


Ergenekon suspects noted in textbooks as role models
Today’s Zaman
Mehmet Haberal and Şener Eruygur, two suspects in the Ergenekon case, an investigation into a clandestine gang plotting to overthrow the democratically

Ergenekon general probed over Hizbullah, PKK weapons
Today’s Zaman
The general is currently one of the prime suspects in the case against Ergenekon, a clandestine criminal organization accused of plotting to topple the

European Union follows Cage action plan ‘very closely’
Today’s Zaman
In a written statement the commission made clear that it has been following all Ergenekon-related developments, including the latest Cage plan

A public survey: Democratic initiative and coup document (1)
Today’s Zaman
The policies’ success or failure in addressing a number of political and social issues, including the Ergenekon investigation, the Kurdish issue,

Psychiatrist Selçuk Candansayar: Constitution harms our mental health

Psychiatrist Professor Selçuk Candansayar from Gazi University says the mental health of society is harmed by the current Constitution and that in order to protect it, Turkey needs a new constitution.
Would you dare to say this to Bartholomew and Dink?
Today’s Zaman
It was about the Ergenekon gang, our infamous “deep state,” and the case opened against it. Unfortunately, the story was a completely distorted account of

Two gendarmerie officers arrested in Ergenekon probe
Today’s Zaman
Two officers serving in the Erzincan Provincial Gendarmerie Command have been arrested in the ongoing investigation into Ergenekon, a clandestine network

Ergenekon defendant Balbay remains silent on notes
Today’s Zaman
The current trial is one of two separate trials into Ergenekon. This one is based on the second and third indictments prepared so far in the case,

Naval junta under Ergenekon control, document shows
Today’s Zaman
Levent Göktaş, who is in jail for suspected membership in Ergenekon, which suggests that the Naval Forces Command junta was under the control of Ergenekon.

The Ergenekon case and The New York Times story by AYDOĞAN VATANDAŞ

I totally agree with the idea that reporters who claim to be unbiased constantly struggle with criticism from their readers because it is impossible to be completely objective.
In that sense, I understand Dan Bilefsky, The New York Times reporter in İstanbul who recently wrote two stories about the Ergenekon case in Turkey.


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