In tribute to Sophie Lancaster

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Produced by creative agency Propaganda, in association with iconic British band, Portishead, Dark Angel is a beautifully haunting rendition of Sophies story.

The Murder of Sophie Lancaster was a murder case in the United Kingdom in 2007. The victim was brutally attacked along with her boyfriend, Robert Maltby, while walking through Stubbylee Park in Bacup, Rossendale in Lancashire. As a result of her severe head injuries she went into a coma, never regained consciousness, and later died. The police said the attack may have been provoked by the couple wearing gothic fashion and being members of the goth subculture….

Essential Doom Metal Albums

from Heavy Metal

Doom metal has its origins in the early 70’s, with heavy metal band Black Sabbath playing songs with slow riffing and dark, foreboding lyrics. In the ’80s, bands like Saint Vitus, Trouble, and Candlemass took those elements and warped them into what became known as doom metal. The genre spanned out in the early ’90s to include other musical genres, including death, thrash, and black metal to form a multitude of subgenres. Today, the genre is still going strong, especially in the underground scene. Check out our list of essential doom metal albums, and recommend ones you would add.

Essential Doom Metal Albums


Katatonia Interview

from Heavy Metal

The latest CD from the Swedish band Katatonia is Night Is The New Day, which is getting great reviews and is destined to appear on many best of 2009 lists. I caught up with the band’s guitarist Anders Nyström, who is also in Bloodbath along with some of his Katatonia bandmates and members of Opeth. He gives the scoop on the new CD, the early days of Katatonia, the band’s upcoming tour plans, and if his former band Diabolical Masquerade will get back together.


The Top 6(66) Movies About Metalheads

from Metal Injection

Not only am I a metalhead, but I am a total movie junkie. I love ’em. I’ve seen a lot of movies, and I’ve seen a lot of metal. So I figured, why not combine the two and pick out my five favorite movies about metalheads. Please note, I chose to leave out documentaries and


A Psychoanalytic Defense of Realism

from Larval Subjects by larvalsubjects


A central aim of Bhaskar’s A Realist Theory of Science is to diagnose what he refers to as the “epistemic fallacy”. In a nutshell, the epistemic fallacy consists in the thesis, often implicit, that ontological questions can be reduced to epistemological questions. The idea here is that ontology can be entirely resolved or evaporated into an inquiry into our access to beings, such that there are no independent questions of ontology. As an example of such a maneuver, take Humean empiricism. As good Humean empiricists, we “bracket” all questions of the world independent of our mind and simply attend to our atomistic impressions (what we would today call “sensations”), and how the mind links or associates these punctiform impression in the course of its experience to generate lawlike statements about cause and effect relations.



Refugees would like to have the same problems you have

Three ads from UNHCR / ACNUR. found in Refugees would like to have the same problems you have

4afd710df364d_tuerkcover.png 4afd738457951_cover_madonna_im_pelzmantel.jpg

The Turkish writer Sabahattin Ali lived in Germany from 1928 to 1930. His novel Kürk Mantolu Madonna (Madonna in a Fur Coat) is a story of unrequited love set in 1920s Berlin, which shows a young man the way out of his loneliness. It has now been translated into German. Read the review and summary (in English) here. FOUND in Madonna In A Fur Coat


More Insight on Those Leaked Climate Change Emails

from Boing Boing by Maggie Koerth-Baker

[Image: “Earth Egg,” from the CC-licensed Flickr stream of azrainman]

Cory told you earlier this week about the recent hacking at the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit, and the subsequent distribution of emails that some people say prove a global conspiracy to promote anthropogenic climate change contrary to evidence………….

……And now, I bring you a whole crap-ton of links……….:

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