CHP’s views on the Kurdish Question

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Main opposition party, CHP, has recently opened up an office in Brussels. Some thought it as a good sign that finally CHP would actually support the EU process. There has not been any positive signs though. In the mean time, Brussels office sends email-bulletins. The last one was about CHP’s views on the Kurdish Question. EU leadership proves to be more and more naive and I guess in this respect good, abstract but without substance statements may have an impact on EU public. If only ignores the fact that CHP triggers more nationalist hysteria than nationalist MHP does…Below, there is also a roundup on the EU-TR relations and TR’s Foreign Policy moves…


The Turkish Parliament debated the government’s initiative on the Kurdish question on November 10th and 13th.

Background: In 1991, the first proposal of law in Turkey on the abolishment of all obstacles to the use of the Kurdish language was a social-democratic initiative. It was signed and introduced by Mr Deniz Baykal and his colleagues. In 2002, during the rule of the coalition government (Social-Democrats-Liberals-Nationalists) several reforms were adopted to allow the teaching and broadcasting in Kurdish. Recently, the Turkish government declared its intention to implement a new reform on the ethnic issues without making public its proposal. CHP responded in reminding its previous comprehensive reports on the Kurdish question and its very recent concrete proposals.

Download the document !!!…Download the document !!!


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TRT – Visa and free movement regulations between Turkey and the European Union

Turkey seeks new EU accession push

from Turkish EU Affairs Minister and chief negotiator Egemen Bagiş said his country will pursue a strong communication strategy aimed at opening six new negotiation chapters during the coming year, EurActiv Turkey reported on 23 November.

The EU’s Imaginary Clash of Civilizations

from Atlantic Community RSS-Feed Basak Yavcan Ural: Public opposition to Turkey’s accession to the EU has largely been ignored, although it represents a real threat to the negotiation process. The EU needs to reconstruct its identity, by emphasizing diversity and multiculturalism. Turkey also needs to address existing misperceptions.

“Blog-dialogues” – European Commission’s Progress Report on Turkey: a Greek view

from Blogactiv This year’s Progress Report on Turkey, released on the 14th of October, surely came at a critical juncture for Turkey. Over the last year, accession negotiations have been proceeding at a snail’s pace and run the risk of coming to a complete standstill unless there is some substantive progress on Cyprus. In addition, at the

What if the EU slams the door on Turkey?

by ŞAHİN ALPAYFrench President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who seem to be determined to preserve the European Union as a “Christian Club,” first saw to it that former Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, a politician detested in the Muslim world, was appointed secretary-general of NATO. They did not even fail to chide Turkey, a member of NATO since 1952, for objecting to that most inappropriate appointment.

Minaret debate angers Swiss muslims

In Switzerland populist right-wingers and Christian Fundamentalists say minarets are not Swiss and in the run-up to a referendum on whether or not to ban the construction of them, have wall-papered Switzerland with anti-minaret posters.”

Turkish-Armenian normalization: Borders, hearts need to open up!

by MİLLİYET’s HASAN CEMALOf course the creation of new diplomatic relations and the opening of borders between Turkey and Armenia are very important. And we need to recognize and commend the “political determination” on this front displayed by both Ankara and Yerevan. But still, this is not enough.

The US needs Turkey for its Middle East Agenda

from Atlantic Community RSS-Feed Brian Katulis: Turkey and the US need to coordinate their efforts in South Asia, Iraq, Iran and the Arab-Israeli conflict, towards common goals. In order to make progress on his ambitious policy agenda for the Middle East, Obama needs Turkey. To this end, improving US- Turkish bilateral ties is a first crucial step.

Journalist Çelik says Turkey is more assertive, respected in world despite domestic hurdles

by YONCA POYRAZ DOĞANHakan Çelik, a journalist who specializes in Turkish foreign policy, has said Turkey has been going through painful times domestically in its democratization process but that its assertiveness in the world is paying off as it is able to gain respect.

Europeans’ perception of Turkey

by SABAH MAHMUT ÖVÜRThe perception in Turkey is that Europeans tend to hold Christianity and secularism in higher esteem compared to other values. However, this is not the case for Europeans on the street.

A New EU in the Making: Reflections from Turkey

European Union With Turkey

After a long period of speculations and intergovernmental tug-of-wars, the EU finally elected its new president and foreign policy chief. Taking the profiles of the recently elected politicians into consideration, it can be confidently said that the EU disappointed may people who believe in an ‘ever closer Union’ and a more ‘proactive Europe’ at the international fora……….

Two tribes

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition Britain’s awkward role in divided Cyprus

Turkey and the Need for New Europe

By Sedat Laciner

Europe has was always been dream, an ideal. Throughout history, this peculiar Asian peninsula was never able to set its own boundaries. At times it designated even the Caucasus as Europe, at other times it could not even call the Balkans Europe. This ideal, drawing its roots from the Mediterranean and the Middle Eastern civilizations, developed a certain dislike towards its past. With the Explorations, the Reformation, the Renaissance, the French and Industrial revolutions, charging himself the role of the ‘leader’ and ‘pioneer’ of the world, the European failed to address the questions “What is Europe?” and “Who is a European?”

The US Needs Turkey for its Middle East Agenda

from Atlantic Community RSS-Feed Brian Katulis: Turkey and the US need to coordinate their efforts in South Asia, Iraq, Iran and the Arab-Israeli conflict, towards common goals. In order to make progress on his ambitious policy agenda for the Middle East, Obama needs Turkey. To this end, improving US- Turkish bilateral ties is a first crucial step.

‘Cat row’ deepens Cyprus-Turkey dispute

from A row over cats has erupted between Cyprus and Turkey, adding a surprising new flavour to a long-standing stalemate between the communities of the divided island and its difficult relationship with Turkey, the divided EU country’s biggest neighbour.

Turkey: Ottoman mission

from – World, Europe After decades of looking west, Ankara is re-engaging with the lands once ruled by its sultans – but this quest for a leadership role in the Muslim world holds the risk of overreach

  1. Look Erkan, most European countries have a bunch of journalists in TR. And they report what you and I see in TR, especially regarding CHP.))

    • I know bro, i become a bit of hopeless. Turks are already hopeless but EU leadership do not seem to be too different:) We will meet soon by the way, I am really overwhelmed with trivial tasks!

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