Andrés Mourenza: Transcaucasia Express

In Announcements, Journalism, Turkey and Armenians on November 18, 2009 at 14:47

Andres speaks about his book at Cervantes Institute

I have met Andrés a few months ago offline although I knew him for a while online. He is based in Istanbul, a Spanish journalist who has a good regional knowledge background. This cordial guy has released a book entitled as a Transcaucasia Express (in Spanish), which can be downloaded here:

The book is about his roadtrip to Armeania to watch the football game between Turkey and Armenia. When he couldn’t find a plane ticket to Erevan, he and his friends had decided to take a road trip and this is the story of it. (Yes, one can fly from Istanbul to Turkey but cannot directly drive to Armenia because land border is closed. So one has to go through Georgia to reach Armenia.. )
Book announcement meeting took place in the Istanbul branch of Cervantes Institute in Taksim.  As more and more Turks are into learning Spanish and Latin dances, I expect, this strategically located cultural center will overshadow its French counterpart… One note from the meetings is another example of “politics makes strange bedfellows”: Andres noted that Armenia and Azerbaijan foreign policy is mutually structured and as Azeris had begun to approach Russians instead of Americans in recent years, Armenia was ready to take an opposite direction which meant closer ties with US and Turkey… Just  a note on a rather complicated issue and Andres had already talked about complicatedness. I just wanted to note a piece of irony…
Andres has these blogs (in Spanish):

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