NYT article relies on pro-Ergenekon lobby?

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A new article in NYT by Mr. Bilefsky quotes extensively from sources critical of the Ergenekon trial. I have once noted the evidence question last year and I still believe it is a valid concern. However, there is a concentrated attempt to slow down or disorient the process and these people are certainly not doing out of innocent democratic aims. As the article underlines the issue is too complicated but it is not a fiction. It is real despite all problems, anybody in town knows that the deep state operated in this country and Ergenekon trial is here to reveal some of the facts. But of course it cannot be an easy process to do that and by putting “clouds” on the Trial itself, some Western Media production helpsthe anti-trial lobby…

Subversion Trial Puts Cloud Over Turkey

from NYT > Turkey by By DAN BILEFSKY
Prosecutors allege that an underground organization has committed dozens of terrorist acts and sought to topple Turkey’s Islamic-inspired government.

Plot colonel put behind bars over action plan
Today’s Zaman
Dozens of Ergenekon members, including businessmen, members of the military and journalists, are currently incarcerated while standing trial.

Cuntaya ‘hayır’ çıktı, imamlar sürgün edildi
A small scale campaign continues: Adding “Brave” to the name of Bingöl city. People of Bingöl was brave enough to reject the military enforced constitution referendum after the 1980 coup d’etat. In fact, it was only city…



Members of Genç Siviller (Young Civilians) and the Ankara-based Bingöl Culture and Solidarity Association (BİNDAV) protested the anti-democratic 1982 Constitution, a byproduct of the 1980 coup, in front of the welcome sign to the city of Bingöl on Saturday…


Reuters AlertNet – Turkey debates Kurdish reforms favoured by EU

General Convicted for Defamation of Assassinated Hrant Dink

from Bianet :: English
Brigadier General Karaduman was sentenced to pay 2,000 Turkish Lira in compensation for hate speeches against assassinated Armenian journalist Hrant Dink.

Sign up to the International Criminal Court!


Let’s first recapitulate: The International Criminal Court (ICC), whose official seat is in The Hague, was established in July 2002 when its founding treaty, the Rome Statute of the ICC, came into force. It is a permanent tribunal set up to prosecute individuals for crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

More than 200,000 People Demonstrate for Alevi Rights

from Bianet :: English
The presidents of 3 Alevi organizations criticized that the government’s approach towards Alevi rights was not sincere and urged for measures within the framework of equality and human rights. They called for a joint opposition of all Alevi groups against this insincerity.

Actress Mansur calls on public figures to support democratic initiative

Actress and activist Lale Mansur has said she wishes more public figures would show support for democratic initiatives in Turkey because the public sees them as role models.

Kurdish reform and the military

One of the main reasons for the government’s rather cautious stance towards the Turkish General Staff following the disclosure that a military-related action plan to unseat the ruling authority is authentic is linked to a fear that a radical move in retaliation against itself may trigger the military to end its already weak support of the Kurdish reform process.


190 People Sued for Their Opinions

from Bianet :: English

The latest quarterly BIA Media Monitoring Report is dominated by cases concerned with “incitement of hatred and hostility” and “spreading propaganda for an illegal organization”. 6 journalists were attacked and seek justice in court. 46 people under charges of “defamation” face prison sentences of more than 76 years altogether and fines of 1,186,610 TL in compensation.

Kurds Renew Vigils For ‘Disappeared’ In Turkey (NPR)

from Yahoo news
After a decade of being silenced, a group called Saturday Mothers has renewed its protests against Turkey’s treatment of ethnic Kurds. The group was emboldened by the state’s prosecution of high-level military and government officials, who the protesters say are responsible for the disappearances of their relatives in the 1990s.

Cross-National Protest Action for Women’s and LGBTT’s Rights

from Bianet :: English

Right defenders from 11 countries went to the streets in a common protest action against court applications of “reduced sentences because of unjust provocation” for women and LGBTT murderers. In Istanbul the demonstration was organized by the Feminist Collective and the LGBTT Rights Platform.

Turkish Armed Forces’ Web site plan not based on legal grounds, observers say

from CyberLaw Blog

TSK’s Web site plan not based on legal grounds, observers say: “TSK’s Web site plan not based on legal grounds, observers say

10 November 2009, Tuesday

A large number of intellectuals, jurists and academics have criticized the reasoning recently offered by the General Staff for the establishment of several Web sites by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) to back the military’s psychological warfare against civilian groups, terming the plan ‘illegal’ as it contravened a regulation passed in 2007.

Milliyet Daily on Trial for News about “Kurdish Initiative”

from Bianet :: English

Milliyet newspaper reporter Durukan and director Çakkalkurt are facing prison sentences for publishing an announcement of PKK executive Duran Kalkan. The prosecutor proposed a fine to be paid in advance in order to drop the case. The Istanbul 10th High Criminal Court has not yet decided on the outcome.

15 Journalists Convicted for Reporting on Ergenekon Investigation

from Bianet :: English

The judiciary had been criticized for remaining insensitive in the context of “confidentiality violations” in investigations, mainly regarding the Ergenekon case. Thereupon the Ministry of Justice announced that 15 journalists have been convicted and 33 public officials are under investigation.

Spine Chilling Response To Humanistic Adaptation of Ataturk’s Speech

from Kamil Pasha by Jenny White

Taraf daily’s columnist Sevan Nisanyan, who wrote a humanistic adaptation of Atatürk’s “Address to Turkish Youth,” a patriotic speech calling on young people to protect their country at all costs, published e-mails received from irate nationalists and filled with threats and vulgar language in his column yesterday.

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