’27 et Moi’

In State of Europe on May 23, 2009 at 11:59

A friend informed me about this TV program:

I just wanted to let you know that Arte TV channel just launched a special interactive platform ’27 et Moi’ for the forthcoming European elections : it is in French and German but some of the participants speak English. The basic idea for Arte is to struggle abstention. The platform is pretty well done, since you can watch and comment new videos each day, posted by 27 different correspondants. The idea is to know how is the campaign is taking place in their countries. The profiles are really different : like student, a housewive, a businessman, a retired man…There are also ‘Q&A’ game, typically like how resistant condoms actually are or what is the link between zucchini and the EU ?…

  1. Very interesting and informative program. Thank you. Now that EU Union is influencing our Canadian life by banning our seal products, I feel we should be more aware of what’s happening in this political group. I wonder if anyone in Europe knows that seal hunting is the cultural livehood of our Inuit people, and that the decision taken to condemn it, is affecting our Arctic population and creating much misery and anger. I often wondered why politicians are far more concerned about the death of baby seals than about the death of unborn human babies by partial birth abortions.

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