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I am tired, stressed for all the work I have to do before I set my foot to the barracks,  and since now I am living with my parents, my mother makes me crazy. This might be worse than the barracks. The lights have to be turned off, no more TV etc… Only my younger brother can challenge her, not me. I will stay at my friends’ places from now on.. I am going to bed now. Damn!


Network of election results freezes in Istanbul and in some other major cities. CHP spokespeople begin to question the future election results and argues for possible rigged elections…



Towards a two-party system.  It seems that CHP increased its votes in many urban centers and some support goes to CHP from other parties against AKP… AKP seems to be losing in Beyoğlu, Istanbul. A significant defeat. But what is worse for AKP is that it might even lose Istanbul! Even if AKP gets 40% of votes nationwide,  loss of Istanbul will be a major defeat… CHP votes increase in my districts of Istanbul…[update: in fact, MHP proves itself as the third major party. MHP succeeded to get some AKP municipalities, ie. Balıkesir, Manisa]

Turkey’s CHP claims leads tight race in Istanbul, ruling party denies

A Turkish woman prepares her vote in a makeshift booth during ...

A Turkish woman prepares her vote in a makeshift booth during municipal elections at a voting centre in Istanbul. Turkey’s Islamist-rooted ruling party appeared headed for victory Sunday in local elections marred by violence, but which many see as a test of popularity for a party that narrowly escaped being banned last year.

(AFP/Bulent Kilic)


Early returns show dimming of lightbulb of Turkish ruling party

ANKARA – While Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party, or AKP, appeared in early returns to be maintaining top ranking in local governments nationwide, opposition parties cut far deeper into its mandate than expected with the major upset likely to be a changing of the party guard in Antalya, the country’s fourth largest city.


First Results

AKP 41 %

CHP 16 %

MHP 14  %

DTP 10 %

It looks like AKP cannot win any new municipalities (such as Diyarbakır and İzmir) and loses some like Adana but keeps most of the municipalities it already has… 


6 killed, 97 wounded in election conflicts in 14 cities; all seems to have resulted in village-head elections in Eastern Anatolia towns… more to come…


An elderly man waits to cast his vote at a polling station in ...

An elderly man waits to cast his vote at a polling station in Istanbul, Turkey, Sunday, March 29, 2009. Turks are voting Sunday in local elections that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan hopes will strengthen his party’s hand in pushing for constitutional reforms. Some 48 million people are voting Sunday to elect mayors and district administrators in 81 provinces.

(AP Photo/Murad Sezer)


* Security measures high.  Policemen everywhere. Istanbul is calm and peaceful in the election day.

* 3 million citizens went to their hometowns to cast their votes. This created a transportation volume 100 million liras.    Source

* We have a spring like sunny and warm day today in Istanbul. Families, especially older couples are up early and walking to high schools or primary schools to cast their votes. It is like a religious holiday, families around as if visiting their relatives. Instead they visit those schools where ballot boxes are located. Schools are closed tomorrow to get ready for education again…

News Roundup: 


Turkey votes Sunday in municipal elections in which local administrators will be elected for five year terms. Here are stories relating to today’s elections:


Vote counting begins in Turkey as polling stations close nationally

Counting begins as polling stations closed across Turkey in the municipal elections in which local administrators will be elected for five year terms.


Turkey ‘referendum’ on ruling AKP

Turkey holds local elections seen as a referendum on the governing Justice and Development Party (or AKP).


Beyond local elections: local government reform in Turkey by RABİA KARAKAYA POLAT

In Op-Ed

Turks will be heading to the polling stations on March 29 to cast their votes in the local elections. News and comments on the local elections have so far focused on the selection of candidates, party campaigns and the mutual accusations of political party leaders.



Post-election Erdoğan

In Columnists

Tonight, election results will be known and, according to credible surveys, the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) will get about 45 percent of the vote, maybe even more. Its main opponent, the Republican People’s Party (CHP), will get only half that. But this is what we have known all along, or at least since the AK Party’s July 22, 2007 election victory.

Last word on elections

In Columnists

Today Turks will go to the polls to vote for the mayors and council members of their cities and towns together with their village headmen.



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