“Polls near, status quo anticipated

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An official video by Higher Election Council that teaches how to vote (In Turkish)

Polls near, status quo anticipated

ANKARA – That the battle being waged between the parties for municipal seats is only going to heat up in the last week before local elections is something of a given.

What About Women and Minorities on March 29?

By Jenny White on Politics and women in Turkey


[The above chart and following excerpts are from a Today’s Zaman article. For the full text, click here.]

…[T]here are just 18 women occupying mayoral seats across the country, compared to 3,225 men elected in the 2004 local elections. And only one out of 81 metropolitan municipality mayoral posts is held by a woman…

Local elections and their cultural dimension

In Columnists

Local elections don’t exactly make the country’s top 10 list of "Completely Objective and Logical Things." Despite the desire to punish the national government for its alleged mishaps halfway through their term, the personal satisfaction factor — a favorite question raised by pre-election pollsters — and how we evaluate the current state of the economy are extremely crucial in determining our votes. Some even completely change their political preferences from one election to the next, making it no easy task for a spin doctor.

Local elections to be a turning point for Turkey

In Columnists

With only one week left until the local elections, there is great excitement and a flurry of activity among political parties, which are now playing their trump cards against their rivals.

Justice and Development Party: sins and good deeds

In Columnists

Local elections are approaching, and it is time to decide who to vote for. Most of my peers tend to identify with the Republican People’s Party (CHP) and vote for it.

Another crisis over rally location

ISTANBUL- The Istanbul Governor’s Office announced that it isn’t possible for both the Republican People’s Party, or CHP, and the Justice and Development Party, or AKP, to hold election rallies on March 22 at the same location in Istanbul, despite separate time slots.

Predictions on results of local elections

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As political party leaders continue to travel all around the country appealing to huge and sometimes small crowds, everyone has begun to make predictions about the results of the local elections, which are slated for March 29.

As Turkey heads toward local elections

By STAR MUSTAFA ERDOĞAN on Turkish Press Review

Many may notice the "oddness" of these ongoing local election campaigns, "odd" in that they are occurring in an atmosphere reminiscent of general elections.

Why does CHP always lose? by MÜMTAZ’ER TÜRKÖNE


There are only two weeks before the local elections. The country’s agenda, as happens in other democracies, is completely occupied by the elections. Decisions that have important political consequences are being postponed until after the elections.

The CHP issue

By YENİ ŞAFAK ALİ BAYRAMOĞLU on Turkish Press Review

Deniz Baykal’s Republican People’s Party (CHP) has incredible weight on the Turkish political scene. It uses this weight not only to block normal political movements, but also to divert the natural flow of politics.

New AKP gentry in Roma district

ISTANBUL – Resignations and suspensions have brought attention to ethically questionable land purchases by ruling party politicians and people close to them in the municipality responsible for the urban transformation in Sulukule.

Where does the MHP stand?

In Columnists

Those who want to understand what’s going on in Turkey pay attention to the change in the religious circles and to the emerging tendencies among urban secular groups.

Election days away, lines already forming

ANTALYA – Long queues snaked out of the Birth Registration Offices yesterday after a decision from the Supreme Election Committee, or YSK, meant to ease requirements for voting, was handed down Monday.

What if the DTP wins in Diyarbakır?

By RADİKAL MURAT YETKİN on Turkish Press Review

What will happen if the Democratic Society Party (DTP) wins in Diyarbakır? Nothing will happen; the sun will rise the next day, as always; the nation will not be divided; the Ankara administration will not collapse.

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