Revised draft sent, Erkan will soon be in Houston…

In Erkan as a dissertation writer on November 28, 2008 at 13:06


Now that draft sent, Erkan can enjoy Saturday night derby between Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe. It is an away game for Beşitaş. Photo, from Beşiktaş-Eskişehir game, credit goes to Milliyet daily. 


I have just sent the 10th (last) chapter.  This means I have just sent the revised draft.

I will be arriving Houston on Monday at noon and I will have 22 days before I fly back to Istanbul. I hope this gives me enough time for any possible editing etc my readers suggest. 

My defense day (8 December) happens to be the first day of Feast of Sacrifice ( Although I have lost much of beliefs, it is still a social phenomenon and you are supposed to be happy when there is a feast. Hopefully, this might be the best Feast I will have in near times. 

Current list of chapters:

001 – An Intro

002 – A snapshot: Yol vs. Kapı: Journalistic Metaphors in Understanding EU-Turkey Relations

003 – Methodological issues

004 – Blogging as a research tool for ethnographic fieldwork

005 – An outline of Turkish press

006 – Ways of Production

007 – Internet Urban Legends on the EU

008 – The EU process; an assemblage of ideas, events and agents

009 – Conceptual Wars

010- Turkish Journalists: Independent political actors? 

  1. All the best with your defence, Erkan! I’m interested in your urban legends chapter – is it online somewhere?

  2. Thanks John! Not yet online. I will send a copy after the defense, after making some more revisions!

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