Just one more chapter to go…

In Erkan as a dissertation writer on November 26, 2008 at 12:47

From the Beşiktaş-Eskişehir game last Sunday. Yes, I could not keep my promise, I am back to the games.

A week later, Erkan feels fine. I had gone through three major chapters. Created a new synopsis in which I believe I have a real argument and I am getting ready to send my revised chapters. I sent the synopsis yesterday. Chapter 009 took much of my time and it seems that my final and most conclusive Chapter 010 needs more work. Today I will send 2 of them and will be working on the final chapter and maybe I can send it by midnight.In the mean time, some of my theoretical claims go hand in hand with most recent observations such yesterday’s NYT piece. Of course, all my writings may be too abstract since I do not share any of them yet. Please wait a little bit more. I have to be sure about what I am doing first:)

It is a sunny autumn day and I felt like a loser staying indoors, all windows and curtains closed when I went out for grocery store.  I will probably get to campus now after I see the weather and of course I may spend some time with chitchatting. But well I need air.

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