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Old story, new case. Western critics of working Western Democracies are used to support Authoritarian regimes:

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Twitter   memetsimsek  Free press  You must be joking  ...

Turkey’s Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek today tweeted the message above.  Not that American media is in its best situation but Mr. Şimşek has the arrogance to question press freedom in US while his own country’s press freedom can even be compared to US’. Most of the time, authoritarian conservative critics rely on leftist critics or intellectual debates that occur in democratic public spheres. In this context, I should remind that Edward Said’s Orientalism is continously exploited to justify growing tyranny in domestic politics by AKP apologists.

In the mean time, Mr. Şimşek’s prime minister is using all state resources for his personal presidential campaign:

: Using state budget and tools to run a personal presidential campaign? All state resources at service of Erdoğan:

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Belli başlı mantıksal hata yapma biçimleri [ing] via @Khosann via Facebook Pages

Cyberculture agenda: New logos for @Foursquare and @Airbnb … Propaganda at Social Media…

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I still don’ t get it what Fousquare does. It should have kept Foursquare and integrate new functions instead of creating Swarm. I feel like they themselves are destroying  their good brand.

Propaganda Is the New Frontier for Fake Social Media Accounts


Fake social media accounts are spreading pro-Chinese propaganda on Twitter, disseminating upbeat news stories about the troubled regions of Tibet and Xinjiang, according to an investigation by advocacy group Free Tibet.

Foursquare is preparing a major redesign of its original mobile app. After it pulled the traditional check-in and launched a new, standalone app called Swarm, the company is giving its existing discovery and location-based recommendation app an entirely new look and feel.

Policy and Internet Blog on 22 July 2014 at 09:13AM

Israel Struggles to Win “Hearts and Minds” in Media War on Palestine

"Infographics: What Would You Do?" by Israel Defense Forces via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

It’s probably the most censored site on the Internet, blocked by national firewalls all over the world, but more people use it every day. Read the rest


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Eurosphere agenda: Bodies of #MH17 victims arrive in Holland…

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Jenan Moussa ‏@jenanmoussa A pic is sometimes stronger than a thousand words. Bodies of #MH17 victims arrive in Holland:

Myths and Misreporting About Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

A consultative Council of Citizens: for a new policy of participation in Europe

People are no longer content simply to take part in elections and to delegate all their power to political representatives. If Europe wants to create a direct link with the people, there is no other solution than to put the latter in a position to communicate with it.

This article is part of a series we are publishing this summer from Eutopia Magazine – ideas for Europe. Eutopia sets out to create a place for European citizens to analyze the issues most relevant to their future by openly debating them with authoritative voices in each field. Here, some important conclusions are drawn from the recent European elections. 

In a country where political opponents are labelled as ‘traitors’, where individuals are perceived first and foremost as ethnizens rather than citizens, where media freedom is under threat and political parties do not respect the independence of state institutions, the escalation of violence is but a symptom

Violence, hate speech, self-immolation: the Middle East conflict has reached Germany, with observers worrying that riots during recent Gaza demonstrations are an expression of deeply rooted anti-Semitism. EurActiv Germany reports

The EU and an independent Scotland

Scots living in Scotland vote on September 18th on whether to end their 300-year union with England. If they win, the nationalists aim for actual independence, and full EU membership, in March 2016. Opinion polls currently show a lead for the pro-Union side, but 15 or 20 per cent remain undecided. The debate is becoming heated, with arguments concentrating on the economic risks and opportunities of independence. The EU dimension has attracted less attention, with each side brusquely dismissing the other’s assertions. Most Scots want to stay in the EU: the nationalists assert that this would be quick and easy; their opponents predict problems; impartial voices go largely unheard. Here are eight points which Scots might like to consider

The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Thursday (24 July) that the CIA ran a secret jail on Polish soil, a judgment that adds to pressure on the United States and its allies to reveal the truth about the global programme for detaining al Qaeda suspects

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Liderleri için ağlayan kadınlar. via Facebook Pages

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BM ve Barış İlişkisi üzerine. via @tufeyli_ via Facebook Pages

Mayor of Tekirdağ boycotts Coca Cola, Fanta served instead…

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That’s how it works here in Turkey… They do not seem to know that both drinks belong to same company… Pro-AKP circles started a campaign to boycott Israeli products and their first product to boycott is Coca Cola. Although the latter is not an Israeli company, they believe that Coca Cola “helps” Israel. Thus comes the boycott. I am not sure if this silly boycott will be effective at all…

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News in Turkish here.


GÖP started a social media campaign titled “Diren Gazetecilik” [“Resist, Journalism”] for the July 24 Journalists and Press Celebration in the name of Struggle for Press Freedom Day

Turquie : changement de régime ?
Libération (France) vendredi 18 juillet 2014, p. 22 Par Samim Akgönül * La Turquie s’apprête à voter les 10 et 24 août lors d’une élection inédite où le président de la République sera élu au suffrage universel, à travers un scrutin à deux tours, mais vidé de sa substance. La loi électorale prévoit minimum 20

40 Years after the Intervention: Turkish Public Opinion on the Cyprus Dispute
Public Opinion Surveys of Turkish Foreign Policy (EDAM)                              Türkçe 2014/3 EDAM’s ninth public opinion survey shows that 40 years after the intervention, the Turkish public is divided on how to resolve the Cyprus issue. When asked about their preferences for the outcome of the ongoing


As of yesterday, more than 100 suspects, most of whom were former police officers in key positions, were in custody as part of an investigation into the “parallel state” claims
Police officers, including chiefs from the anti-terror department detained as part of a probe into the alleged ‘parallel state,’ are set to be questioned on accusations that they wiretapped Turkey’s intelligence chief
Turkey’s top court has dismissed two separate appeals from the main opposition party concerning contested local election results in the capital city of Ankara for lack of jurisdiction
Although Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan does not want it to be debated within the party until the end of the presidential election
FOLDED CORNER – ‘The Emergence of Social Democracy in Turkey: The Left and the Transformation of the Republican People’s Party’ by Yunus Emre

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Kampanya: #ErdoğanDemirtaşlaAynıProgramaNedenÇıkmıyor via @otekilerpostasi via Facebook Pages

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[2. Dünya Savaşı] Fransız Direnişçi katillerine gülerken… via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

Eurosphere agenda: EU new sanctions against Russia?… MH17…”Europe safety agency urges airlines to avoid Tel Aviv…

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Europe’s aviation regulator on Tuesday (22 July) warned airlines not to fly to Tel Aviv, joining action by US authorities as conflict continued on the Gaza Strip

The remains of MH17

The EU’s foreign ministers were unable to agree on further sanctions against Russia on Tuesday. Instead they tasked the European Commission with examining measures such as an arms embargo by Thursday. Commentators criticise the fact that harsh economic sanctions weren’t imposed immediately and call on the EU to finally adopt a united stance vis-à-vis Moscow

Protests in central Budapest remain ongoing since Sunday (20 July), after a controversial monument dedicated to “all the victims” of Hungary’s German occupation was erected during the night of 20 to 21 July, the Hungarian press reports

The first two planes carrying victims of crashed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 land in the Netherlands where a day of mourning has been declared

How far do EU-US sanctions on Russia go?

BBC News | Europe | World Edition

Do Western sanctions hurt the Russian elite?


MH17 plane crash: EU moment of decision

BBC News | Europe

Tougher sanctions on Russia are bitter pill for EU too
MAIN FOCUS: Pressure on Moscow mounts after plane crash | 21/07/2014


After a Malaysian passenger plane was apparently shot down over eastern Ukraine, European leaders have called on Moscow to push for an independent investigation of the tragedy. Commentators doubt Russia will cede ground in the Ukraine conflict and call on the EU foreign ministers to impose tougher sanctions against the country at their meeting on Tuesday

The downing of the Malaysian Airlines flight in eastern Ukraine has highlighted how unmanned aircraft could help Europe when it comes to surveillance operations in warzones.

Britain – the state of the nation

open Democracy News Analysis – by Stein Ringen

The New York Times has called it a ‘crisis of identity.’ I think that is to put too much blame on the British people. I would call it a crisis of leadership.

The UN Security Council, including Russia, condemned the shooting down of flight MH17 in a resolution passed on Monday. Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin pledged “full cooperation” with the investigation into the crash. Commentators nonetheless call for the EU foreign ministers to impose tough sanctions including an arms embargo on Russia at their meeting today, Tuesday.

Why sanctions on Russia are hard for Germany
A French court jails three young men for rioting after a pro-Palestinian demonstration in a mixed suburb of Paris degenerated into anti-Semitic violence

Stem the tide of Northern Ireland’s ‘culture wars’

Since the advent of the peace process, the conflicts over cultural identity in Northern Ireland have become increasingly fraught with danger. In order to head off a crisis, political elites must adopt a more strident approach in countering discrimination. As ever, young people will be central to this process.


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