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Cartoonists hit back: #ErdoganCaricature Dispatches from Turkey

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#ErdoganCaricature: cartoonists hit back at Turkish leader’s clampdown – James Walsh – Oct 23, 7:20 AM – Cartoonist Martin Rowson urges cartoonists to caricature Turkey’s president Erdoğan, to highlight the trial of a Turkish cartoonist who lampooned him The cartoonist and author Martin Rowson has encouraged people around the world to draw…
Despite overall optimistic messages by Turkish government officials, a key Cabinet member has suggested that the jailed PKK leader actually fueled the fire during recent deadly protests – The Editorial Board – Oct 23 – If Kobani survives, it will have defied the odds. This embattled city on Syria’s northern border with Turkey has been on the verge of falling for weeks in the face of a brutal siege by Islamic State militants. But the Syrian Kurds who call Kobani…
Turkey has freed Basil Hassan, who is wanted by Denmark in the attempted murder of a prominent critic of Islam, Turkish officials said Wednesday.
Rock paintings in Hakkari from 10,000 years ago have been examined for the first time since 1960, when they were first discovered. The paintings shed light on prehistorical human activity in the area
‘We cannot understand the logic of dropping arms to a city as street clashes are going on, but the Americans believe in their ways; we’ll see.’ Those were the words of a Turkish military expert

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Serhatcan Yurdam (@syurdam): “Cumartesi Anneleri 500. kez Galatasaray Meydanı’nda olacak”

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Cumartesi Anneleri 500. kez gözaltında kaybedilen yakınlarının hesabını soracak |  İHD, 500. eyleme çağırıyor

Cumartesi Anneleri 500. kez gözaltında kaybedilen yakınlarının hesabını soracak | İHD, 500. eyleme çağırıyor

Cumartesi Anneleri 500. kez Galatasaray Meydanı’nda olacak

Kamuoyunda Cumartesi Anneleri adıyla bilinen kayıp yakınları, gözaltında kaybedilen yakınlarının akıbetini öğrenmek; sorumluların yargılanması için devletin adım atmasını sağlamak amacıyla yaptıkları oturma eylemlerinin 500.’sünü yarın gerçekleştirecek.

500. eylem için katılım ve destek çağrıları sürüyor

500. cumartesi eylemine katılımı artırmak amacıyla, kayıp yakınlarının yarınki oturma eylemine destek ve katılım çağrısının yer aldığı  bir video yayınlandı. İnsan Hakları Derneği  (İHD) İstanbul Şubesi Gözaltında Kayıplara Karşı Komisyon şehrin çeşitli noktalarına yapıştırdıkları çıkartma afişlerle 500. Cumartesi oturması için katılım çağrısı yaptı. 40’a yakın sanatçı  İHD’nin çağrısını destekleyerek 500. Cumartesi oturmasına katılacaklarını ortak bir bildiriyle duyurdu.

Cumartesi Anneleri’nin eylemlerini düzenli takip eden, BİANET haber ajansı da Twitter üzerinden bir kampanya başlatarak, okurlarını 500. eylemlerini gerçekleştirecek kayıp yakınlarına destek olmaya teşvik etti.

Baskılara rağmen 1995’ten beri süren bir mücadele

Kayıp yakınlarının 27 Mayıs 1995’ten beri gerçekleştirdikleri oturma eylemleri, devletin hesap vermek yerine baskı ve şiddetle karşılık verdiği bir sürece dönüştü. Özellikle 90’ların sonuna doğru polis şiddeti eylemcileri hedef aldı. Polislerin saçlarından sürüklediği anneler hafızalara kazındı.

Kamuoyunda Cumartesi Anneleri olarak bilinen kayıp yakınları, gözaltında kaybedilen yakınlarının hesabını sormaya kararlılıkla devam etse de artan baskılar sonucu 19 Mart 1999‘da oturmalara ara vermek zorunda bırakıldılar.  2009’dan beriyse kayıp yakınlarının oturma eylemleri her cumartesi Galatasaray Meydanı’nda yapılmaya devam ediyor.

Gözaltında kaybedilen yurttaşların yakınlarının 500. Cumartesi oturması için yayınladıkları çağrı videosu şöyle:



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Eurosphere agenda: EU summit on climate and energy, Ebola…”Cyprus President replaced by Greek PM at EU summit…

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Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades was hospitalised ahead of the first day of the EU summit yesterday (23 October), and was replaced at the summit by Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. This is the first time that a leader from another country replaces a colleague at the EU summit table.


EU leaders are in Brussels on 23-24 October for European Council talks focusing on the bloc’s 2030 energy and climate policy. Ebola is also on the official agenda. Follow the developments live on EurActiv.


Is Europe well served by its media, old and new? A Ferrara debate

How should Europe’s media hold its leaders, its institutions, its decisions to account? Is it the fault of EU citizens that they don’t? Is there a different role for old and new media? The oD Editor argues that new media might make the difference.

The EU’s leaders are convening in Brussels to discuss EU climate policy up to 2013 today, Thursday. Some commentators hope the current uncertainties about Russian gas supplies will put Europe firmly on the path to an energy union. Others fear that weak compromises will once again prevent the establishment of uniform climate targets.


The economic and finance ministers of Germany and France on Monday announced that they will soon present proposals for warding off a new recession. Paris had previously held out the prospect of France cutting its spending by 50 billion euros if Germany matched that amount in investments. Berlin must defend its budgetary discipline, some commentators warn. Others thank Paris for launching an important debate

The treatment of protesters in Parliament Square shows the profound lack of confidence the British state has in itself – and the overwhelming need to codify its powers.

Football and ethnic violence in the Balkans

How can one flag cause so much trouble? A contextual analysis of the now notorious, abandoned football match between Serbia and Albania on 14 October 2014.

An Albanian player is attacked by a Serbian fan during the abandoned football match on 14 October. Flickr/Nazionale Calcio. Some rights reserved.

A combination of persistence and an affinity with development issues has allowed ONE’s young campaigners to, against all odds, achieve their objective of persuading half the members of the European Parliament to sign a petition to end extreme poverty in the world by 2030, writes Karen Ercoli,

Karen Ercoli is Italian Youth Ambassador for The ONE campaign

Q&A: EU’s challenging energy targets

Talks begin in Brussels to agree landmark deal for 2030

Juncker addresses the European Parliament before the vote approving his new Commission

MEPs voted to extend the Council’s proposed 2015 European budget by 2 billion euros, a position that may lead to tough negotiations. EurActiv France reports.

Q&A: Brussels demands budget surcharge

Reasons for the extra €2.1bn charge on Britain are varied and contradictor

Why is the UK being asked to pay in more to the EU budget and what can it do about it?

There are a number of headlines today around the EU’s request for a further €2.1bn from the UK in terms of its contribution to the EU’s budget.

Below we breakdown exactly how and why this has happened and what options the UK has now.

By James Krotz


For over a week, the Royal Swedish Navy and Air Force have been frantically looking for a suspected Russian submarine in Ingaro Bay, the main port approach to the wharves of Stockholm.  On Thursday, the search was finally called off, ending the largest Swedish naval operation since the end of the Cold War, according to Swedish Rear Admiral Anders Grenstad.

The French art world is on strike – why aren’t we?

The fight to defend the artists’ wage is raging across France, yet today in the UK we believe the arts should be a market-driven competition. A living wage for performers feels a long way off.

Slow translation and the revival of the Catalan language

Today in Catalonia young people grow up bilingual. It also occurs in other parts of Europe. But here a small miracle has taken place; a tradition and a culture that were in danger of being lost have been recovered.

Time to reassess the EU’s environment and climate change policies

EU leaders are meeting today in Brussels to discuss the EU’s 2030 energy, environment and climate change framework which will likely involve some new targets for emissions reduction. You can find our full thoughts on the original Commission proposal here – but broadly we think that the more flexible structure is a good approach and that dropping the binding renewables target is the right approach.

Catalonia’s quarrel with SpainBBC News | Europe | World Edition
The independence battle pitching Barcelona against MadridMAIN FOCUS: EU Parliament to vote on Commission | 22/10/2014


The EU Parliament will vote definitively on the new Commission in Strasbourg today, Wednesday. Everything points to a majority for the team of designated Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. The Commission will suffer from the conflict over how to tackle the recession, some commentators predict. Others hope Juncker will provide an answer to the growing populism in Europe.



14 lessons from the Scottish referendumopen Democracy News Analysis – by Peter McColl and Adam Ramsay

A month on from Scotland’s independence vote, here are 14 lessons it taught us.

1) People care

The concept of apathy has always been offensive: it implies that people don’t care about their neighbours, their families, or even themselves. No. The problem is that people are alienated from politics. They have been convinced that engaging in the world as a citizen will do nothing to transform it. It’s been said a thousand times, but the Scottish referendum showed that when people do think they can make a difference, they most certainly do engage

Swedish sub search focuses on bay

Naval vessels scouring Swedish waters for a suspected foreign submarine focus on a bay near Stockholm on the fifth day of their search.

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Bu arada New York’ta… via @Reddit via Facebook Pages

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Dün Atina. Efsane devam ediyor. The legacy of the Riot Dogs, Kanelos & Loukanikos.. via@dromografos2 via Facebook Pages

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24-25 Ekim’de Bilgi’de (@bilgiofficial) Adalet Ağaoğlu Sempozyumu. via Facebook Pages

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Eski vs. Yeni Türkiye: @onediocom ‘dan güzel derleme: via Facebook Pages

US just replied Erdoğan again. Turkey doing Ballet internationally but with the last legal package more authoritarian domestically…

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Turkey is to allow Iraqi Kurds cross into Syria to fight Islamic State.
Washington does not think the US airdrop of weapons to the Syrian border town of Kobane was wrong, Marie Harf has said
‘We made it clear to Turkey that we believe it’s incredibly important to support groups like the PYD,’ US Department of State Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf said
Iranian broadcaster raises suspicions about death of reporter on Syrian border

A journalist working for Press TV on the Turkish-Syrian border was killed on Sunday in what are claimed to be suspicious circumstances.

Press TV has described the accident in which its Lebanese-American reporter Shim died near Turkey’s border with Syria as ‘suspicious’
Hakan Çelik (25), a former intern of bianet in 2013, has been killed in action by ISIS in Kobane. As bianet, we will always remember him with his hard work, smile and warm character.
New military posts built in Turkey’s eastern and southeastern provinces are key measures against terrorism, the only female contractor in the region has said,
Kobane: long live Obama

It now appears that Kobane will not fall. But Turkey’s apathy towards the plight of the city, coupled with their stealthy support for ISIS, is something the Kurds will never forget.

Kurdish people enjoy the victory over ISIS in Kobane this Sunday in a small village near Suruç (Turkish-Syrian border). Fermín Grodira/Demotix. All rights reserved.

Kobane: the struggle of Kurdish women against Islamic State

The international community should support a secular, multi-religious and multi-ethnic Rojava with democratic ambitions, that is a threat for IS and equally for the conservative Islamic government in Turkey. This is democracy in action in the Middle East.

Thousands march in Berlin for the safety of Kobane, defended by the Kurdish YPG/YPJ, October 12,2014. Thorsten Strasas/Demotix. All rights reserved.

While the Turkish government is preparing a bill that may introduce draconian measures on social media, Mehmet Şimşek is taking advantage of Twitter
Abdullah Öcalan reportedly said that the peace talks with the Turkish government had entered a new phase since Oct. 15 and he was upbeat over the chances of success
Ankara has vowed to continue gas exploration activities off Cyprus
Doğan Holding announced that a website report claiming the potential sale of Hürriyet Gazetecilik ve Matbaacılık A.Ş. is untrue
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu outlined 11 pillars of a domestic security package that the government will submit to Parliament in the coming days.
Democratic representation of pro-Kurdish political parties in Turkey

In Turkey, political parties are evaluated by the Constitution Court according to their commitment to the 1982 Constitution. But you have to look to Europe for neutral universal principles, or something close.


I had an opportunity to have a long conversation with Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu on Oct. 18 on his return from Amasya.
Turkey’s world renowned pianist and composer Fazıl Say has claimed that his pieces have been removed from the program of the Culture and Tourism Ministry’s Presidential Symphony Orchestra

Press TV reporter in Turkey killedPress TV – Oct 19, 7:09 PM – Press TV reporter in Turkey killed in suspicious car accident Press TV’s correspondent in Turkey, Serena Shim, has been killed in a suspected car accident near the Turkey-Syria border. Shim was killed onSunday as she was on a

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