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Pro-ISIS Turks meet in Istanbul.

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via Eren Erdem @erenerdemnet

via Eren Erdem @erenerdemnet

This is a place a little bit out of Istanbul. Meeting for Ramadhan Bayram was announced in a pro-ISIS site and meeting happened yesterday. News in Turkish here.

Other news from Turkey

Confident that he will win presidential elections in the first round, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has declared that he will not be a “traditional president”
TRT head has vowed to stop airing Demirtaş if he continues to accuse the channel of one-sided coverage during live broadcasts
Presidential hopeful Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu has given warm holiday messages over the telephone to his presidential rivals

Internet Freedom and Freedom of Expression in Turkey
GTE Commentary (Istituto Affari Internazionali) No. 12, July 2014 by Ben Wagner * The depressing reaction of the Turkish authorities to the Taksim and Gezi park protests bears strong authoritarian hallmarks and reflects the Turkish government’s fear of open displays of any form of dissent. In the last three years the climate for online free expression

Turkey: crackdown on the opposition and rule of lawopen Democracy News Analysis – by A.Kadir Yildirim

In recent months, Turkey appears to have significantly receded from its previous commitment to separation of powers in its parliamentary democracy.


İhsanoğlu has lent support to the government’s efforts in finding a peaceful solution to the Kurdish question, which includes the possible release of Abdullah Öcalan, the jailed leader of PKK

Vía Erkan’s Field Diary

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Eleman ilanı. via Facebook Pages

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Türk mühendislik ürünü. Tirilye köyü, Bursa. via Facebook Pages

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Fakir aday SMSi. via @glorys via Facebook Pages

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The Pirate Bay (@tpb) kurucuları hapiste bizden mektup bekliyorlar. O kadar torrent indirdik iki satır yazsak mı? via Facebook Pages

Cyberculture agenda: “10 Rising Social Networks…

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Had enough of Facebook and Twitter? It may be time to switch up your go-to social network

With the daily explosion of startups, there are plenty of new social media tools popping up. These newer platforms could be working on the next big thing, so you’ll want to keep an eye out.

Within minutes of the first reports that a Malaysia Airlines plane had crashed over eastern Ukraine Thursday, Mashable had live coverage up and running. Its real-time news staff in New York was updating the post with videos from the scene and carefully sourced information culled from social media and other outlets; its own social accounts, including its meant-for-breaking-news @MashableLive, were busy pushing out information.

The Russian Government’s 7,000 Wikipedia Edits

Global Voices Online by Kevin Rothrock

Images mixed by author.

When it comes to Wikipedia, the Russian government’s computers are busy bees. Over the past ten years, IP addresses belonging to various Russian state agencies are responsible for almost 7,000 anonymous edits to articles on Wikipedia’s

Mass surveillance post-Snowden: an unbalanced debate

open Democracy News Analysis – by Claude Moraes

People are entitled to privacy on the Internet just as they have a right to privacy in all other areas of their lives. Why has there been no debate about this?


EU wants Google to extend “right to be forgotten” to global users

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Bir gün bayram gelecek… via @UmutBalci2 via Facebook Pages

Eurosphere agenda: “Gender inequality in Spain…

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Britain is no longer a world power

Britain faces a turning point in its foreign policy; it is no longer capable of delivering the ‘interventions’ its leaders crave, while its much vaunted ‘soft power’ seems so soft as to barely make an impact at all. A change of mindset is needed.


The Greek coalition government has nominated defence minister Dimitris Avramopoulos as commissioner in the new EU executive. EurActiv Greece reports.

Gender inequality in Spain: glass ceiling or steel barrier?

From the law of succession to domestic violence, from political representation to the judiciary and the boardroom, from pay to reproductive rights, gender equality in Spain remains a distant goal


For everyone else in the UK (40 reasons to support Scottish independence: 40)

Scottish independence would release the rest of the UK from post-imperial Britain and create an opportunity to build a new system for themselves too.

The Gallic Heart of Europe

Project Syndicate by Javier Solana

Perhaps because of its very relevance to the making of Europe, France mistrusts the changes taking place around it – as though the weight of its nationhood were narrowing its horizons. But no country today can remain isolated from globalization, tame it, or lead it alone. So France must look again to Europe and political union

How long does it take to overcome an anti-democratic regime – lessons from Bulgaria

open Democracy News Analysis – by Nikolay Nikolov

The government in Bulgaria has resigned after 404 days of protests. What has changed in the past year and how has it affected the state of democracy in country?

European Regulators Chide Google Over ‘Right to be Forgotten’

Mashable! by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

European regulators are not happy with the way Google has handled the controversial “right to be forgotten” ruling.


EU options for ‘Stage 3′ sanctions on Russia highlight underlying confusion

Open Europe blog

Unlike this scale model, the real French Mistral warships will be off the tableAs Greek daily To Vima and the FThave been reporting, there is a draft going around of the EU options paper on possible further sanctions on Russia that will be discussed at today’s meeting of EU ambassadors. The paper includes potential options for ‘Stage 3′ sanctions, and the key ones are:

Poland Facilitated CIA Torture but Wants to Forget About It

Vía Erkan’s Field Diary

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Ramazandan geriye whatsup mesajları kaldı via @ozanbilojuan via Facebook Pages

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Bayram temizliği diye bir şey var. via Facebook Pages

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