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Mass exodus of Syrian Kurds into Turkey…

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MAIN FOCUS: IS causes mass exodus into Turkey | 22/09/2014

Around 100,000 Syrian Kurds fled over the border into Turkey on the weekend to escape fighting between IS terrorist militias and Kurdish troops, according to UN sources. At the same time 49 Turkish hostages who had been held by the IS in Iraq were set free. That should put an end to Ankara’s hesitancy in supporting the anti-IS coalition, commentators write, but warn of the risks of intervening in Turkey’s neighbouring countries.


Over 130,000 Flee Syria for Turkey in Wake of ISIS Raids

NYT > Turkey by By BEN HUBBARD

Turkey’s deputy prime minister said the Islamic State’s advance was causing a crisis “worse than a natural disaster” in his country.


Turkey accused of colluding with Isis to oppose Syrian Kurds and Assad following surprise release of 49 hostages – Sep 21 – Mystery surrounds the surprise release of 49 Turkish diplomats and their families held captive for three months by Isis. The Turkish government is denying any deal with the hostage-takers, making it unclear why Isis, notorious for its cruelty and

What Turkey needs from the Davutoglu Government

open Democracy News Analysis – by Ahmet Erdi Ozturk, Taptuk Emre Erkoc and Salih Dogan

It is a great opportunity for Turkey that former Minister of European Union Affairs Mevlut Cavusoglu became Davutoglu government’s Foreign Minister in order to restore relations with the EU and continue the accession process.

Turkey warns ISIS causing “man-made disaster”


Deputy PM says militants’ advance in northern Syria has sparked a shocking new surge of refugees


Mediterranean Energy Perspectives – Turkey


Mediterranean Energy Perspectives (OME) 2014                                 Türkçe Observatoire Méditerranéen de l’Energie (OME) This in-depth study provides insight into Turkey’s energy profile from the early 1960s to the present and an outlook to 2030. MEP-Turkey presents detailed analysis and data on the supply and demand balance for the major components


Turkey Wealth Report 2014


DUBLIN, September 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Dublin – Research and Markets  ( ) has announced the addition of the  “Turkey Wealth Report .



Hot spot in war: Syrian Kurdish town of Kobane


ISIL has seized dozens of villages in a lightning offensive as it closed in on the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobane, prompting a mass exodus of its residents


Secretary of State John Kerry says the US is expecting that Turkey will step up in the fight against the ISIL
Syrian Kurdish fighters have halted an advance by Islamic State militants to the east of a predominantly Kurdish town near the border with Turkey, a spokesman said

Syrian Kurds: Turkey’s delicate balancing act

Will refugee influx affect Turkey’s peace process?

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EFD Haftanın Sitesi: Reçel Blog

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REÇEL   Biz yaptık  oldu.

Blog kendini şöyle tanıtıyor:

Kadınların ve bilhassa Müslüman [İslamcı Kadınlar olarak okunabilir, E. S.] kadınların; gündelik deneyimlerine, toplumsal meseleleri algılayışlarına, ilgilerine, meraklarına, dertlerine, umutlarına, kaygılarına, mücadelelerine dair kendi sözümüzü söyleyeceğimiz bir mecramız olsun istedik.

Kalemimizi, klavyemizi, tenceremizi, meyvelerimizi, şekerimizi aldık geldik.

Reçel zamanla size kendisini anlatacaktır.

Hakkında kısmı daha açık olabilir, yazarlar hakkında da daha fazla bilgi olabilir. Belki zamanla olur, göreceğiz;) Bu projeden Feyza Akınerdem sayesinde haberdar oldum, kendisine de selamlar!



Önerilerinizi alalım:

Ha bir de EFD’ye katkıda bulunmak isterseniz:

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So some authorities at work to fix Istanbul’s notoriously crowded Metrobus network… Istanbul news roundup…

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The authorities are set to implement a system aimed at solving problems in Istanbul’s notoriously crowded Metrobus network, which often works above its capacity
Street vendors selling simit, a local pastry enjoyed by all walks of life, have been removed from central spots across Istanbul

İstanbul of tomorrow visible now on website

Today’s Zaman

you can find them all at the “Megaİstanbul” Internet site created by the İstanbul Freelance Architects Association (İSMD). This site essentially guide

Delightful diversions in Istanbul

The Australian

SOON after arriving in Istanbul, I hear of the time-honoured proverb that if you “eat sweet” you will “speak sweet”. I am offered free morsels of Turkish

Letter from Istanbul: Living in the New Turkey

Lost Coast Outpost

Both entailed harrowing reports of IS recruiters roaming the neighborhoods and backstreets of Istanbul, of Ankara, and other cities, looking for

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Kardashian might have no idea but a historian in Turkey fined for insulting her…

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A Turkish TV show has been fined 600,000 Turkish Liras by the country’s media watchdog after a popular historian used insulting words against the audience and Hollywood celebrity Kim Kardashian

In other news:

With seven reporters and four photojournalists, daily Hürriyet traces the Turks’ path toward the ranks of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in five Turkish cities, as well as in France and Germany. A new breed of Islamic associations that has popped up in Turkey seems to be one of the sources of the problem
Corry Guttstadt This year marks the first time that the International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27, the day of the  liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army, was commemorated in Turkey in a semi-official manner.[1] The Deputy Foreign Secretary, Naci Koru, attended a ceremony at Kadir Has University; Foreign Secretary Ahmet Davutoğlu and the secretary

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New photo from Facebook September 22, 2014 at 06:02PM

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Bu ev alınabilir. via @Reddit via Facebook Pages

Journalism roundup: Mapping Media Freedom in Europe

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Mapping Media Freedom in Europe

A Ushahidi platform to map media freedom in Europe here

Index on Censorship and Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso are joining forces to map the state of media freedom in Europe. With your participation, we are mapping the violations, threats and limitations that European media professionals, bloggers and citizen journalists face everyday. We are also collecting feedback on what would support journalists in such situations. Help protect media freedom and democracy by contributing to this crowd-sourcing effort!


As journalists become wonks, wonks become journalists

Nieman Journalism Lab by Caroline O’Donovan

The Economist offers an interesting perspective today on the flip side of the wonky data journalism craze. While traditional newsrooms and media startups sift through spreadsheets and build interactive graphics and apps, think tanks — they of the traditionally dry, analytical white paper — have increasingly come to resemble digital news sites themselves. From the magazine:


A most cynical letter from a most cynical company

BuzzMachine by Jeff Jarvis

Robert Thomson, CEO of News Corp., just sent a monumentally cynical letter to the EU attacking Google, matching the letter from a posse of European publishers led by Germany’s Axel Springer and another public letter from that company’s head, Mathia Döpfner. These supposed bastions of conservative thinking are running to the government they all disdain to try to get unfair advantage on Google because — simply put — they have failed in the marketplace on their own. The internet and defeated them. They are crying uncle. On Newsgenius, I annotated Thomson’s letter…


The Death of Steven Sotloff

The New Yorker – Dexter Filkins – Sep 2, 3:06 PM – In the final moments before an ISIS executioner beheaded the American journalist Steven Sotloff, the masked man offered up, in an English accent, a message to his viewers: “We take this opportunity to warn those governments that enter this

Six things we learned about big news outlets from a report on editorial standards

Nieman Journalism Lab by Caroline O’Donovan

The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism came out with a hefty report earlier this week on developing editorial standards for journalism. “Accuracy, Independence and Impartiality: How legacy media and digital natives approach standards in the digital age,”profiles media companies and describes challenges each were faced with and how they came to craft transparent guidelines for those situations. Kellie Riordan, author of the study, writes:

From Nieman Reports: Where are the women in leadership at news organizations?

Nieman Journalism Lab by Anna Griffin

Editor’s note: Our sister publication Nieman Reports is out with its new issue (and new website). Its cover package focuses on a single issue: the status of women in media. Here’s the lead story, by The Oregonian’s Anna Griffin.



Yet another new site for The Washington Post, this time aimed at aggregation

Nieman Journalism Lab by Caroline O’Donovan

Thanks in part to the recent Bezosian cash infusion, things have been busy over at The Washington Post.

In less than 6 months, the Post has launched @WaPoThing, @TheStorylineand @GetThereWP

— Noah Chestnut (@noahchestnut) August 26, 2014

Today, another new website joins the ranks of these ventures. The Post’s The Most will feature links to “most read” and “most shared” stories from around a dozen websites, including The Post’s.


Designer or journalist: Who shapes the news you read in your favorite apps?

Nieman Journalism Lab by Mike Ananny and Kate Crawford

What are the ethics of platform design? One of the reasons that Facebook study on user emotions was so controversial is that it touched on the kinds of ethics we expect — or don’t expect — from platform designers. The public debate was divided, right down to the words used to describe what happened: science, experimentation, customization, manipulation, effect, significance, consent, harm, algorithm, users, audiences. All these words mean different things to people depending on their experiences, training, values, and expectations. And the simple summary of ethics as the “study of what we ought to do” is often unsatisfying because it invokes hard questions about who is the “we” who does the deciding, what “oughts” are up for debate, and who bears responsibility. Journalists and news technology designers are increasingly finding themselves in the middle of this debate about how platforms should work.


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Eurosphere agenda: He is back (!) “Sarkozy announces return to politics

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French ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy returns to politics, announcing on his Facebook page that he will seek the leadership of main centre-right party.
Sweden: Immigrants dismayed by far-right gain

Anti-immigration Sweden Democrats party – with roots in the neo-Nazi movement – recently won 12.9 percent of the vote.
Scotland sends Europe’s elites a warning


In Aberdeenshire, more than 87 percent of people voted on Scotland’s independence referendum; in Clackmannanshire, the number was above 88 percent; in the Western Isles, it was close to 90 percent. One remote Highland peninsula actually achieved a 100 percent turnout — meaning that all 98 residents showed up to vote

The people of Scotland have rejected independence from the United Kingdom more clearly than anticipated. According to the official results of Thursday’s referendum, a good 55 percent of voters ticked “No”. The UK is nonetheless facing a new beginning, commentators write, praising London for its openness in dealing with the Scottish separatists.


Dying for Europe

With some 1,600 asylum-seekers having died in the Mediterranean Sea since June 1, Europe’s policy toward migrants and asylum-seekers is clearly in need of reform. While Europe cannot help all of those fleeing violence and destitution, it can certainly do more, especially if it adopts a unified approach.


Europe’s Bargain

Eurozone member countries should implement fiscal and structural reforms in exchange for short-run relaxation of fiscal constraints – not to increase liabilities, but to focus on growth-oriented investments to jump-start sustained recovery. If they do, private investors would take note, accelerating the recovery process.

Scotland vote a blow to Europe’s separatists?

Separatist movements in Spain, Belgium and Italy may face headwinds following Scotland’s decision to stay in the UK.

By Catherine Brölmann and Thomas Vandamme

By a narrow margin, the 300-year-old union between Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom survived the referendum held on 18 September 2014. British – and Scottish – membership in the EU has been one of the prominent factors in the political debate, which has addressed issues like the effect of a reduced UK on the balance of power within the EU and the consequences of Scottish independence for the imminent ‘Brexit’ referendum. Yet the legal framework for secession within the Union, which these political narratives presuppose, is all but clear. In this blog we explore some important legal and political aspects of the scenario of secession within the Union.

Now Scotland has had its say, who is next to vote?

The Scottish vote has shown it is possible to have an independence referendum for nations within the EU. So who are the likely candidates to go next?

The Scottish vote has shown it is possible to have an independence referendum for nations within the EU. So who are the likely candidates to go next?



The Japanisation Of Europe

A Fistful Of Euros » A Fistful Of Euros by Edward Hugh

By now it should be clear that the monetary experiment currently being carried out in Japan (known as “Abenomics”) is fundamentally different from the kind of quantitative easing which was implemented  in the United States and the United Kingdom during the global financial crisis. In the US and the UK QE was implemented in order to stabilize the financial system, while in Japan, and now the Euro Area (EA) the objective is to end deflationary pressures and reflate economies which are arguably caught in some form of liquidity trap.


Revamping Europe’s Tattered Social Contract

Project Syndicate by Kemal Derviş  /

Europe’s economy needs deep supply-side reforms, so that fiscal stimulus translates into sustainable long-term growth, not just temporary spurts and further increases in countries’ debt ratios. But too many call for structural reforms without specifying their content or considering the social, historical, and political context.


Britain is on borrowed time: the future of Scottish independence

open Democracy News Analysis – by Gerry Hassan

The British state has bought itself some precious time. If it does not use it wisely, this debate will be back in a decade and Scotland will produce a second referendum.

Egmont Paper (EGMONT) No. 65, May 2014 Egmont – Royal Institute for International Relations By David Koranyi & Sami Andoura (Eds) * The Egmont Institute and the Atlantic Council publish their Joint Report on « Energy in the Mediterranean: Promise or Peril ? », edited by Sami Andoura and David Koranyi. In order to address
LSE IDEAS – Strategic Updates, SU14.1., June 2014 London School of Economics and Political Science Theodoros Tsakiris * Energy cooperation that would alleviate EU gas dependence on Russian imports and (prospectively) Turkish transit could constitute such a core interest not only for Israel, Cyprus and Greece but for several leading EU member states with important

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Cyberculture agenda: ” Disruptive Technology of Silicon Valley…”The Pirate Bay Runs on 21 “Raid-Proof” Virtual Machines…

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Documents recently released by WikiLeaks have brought new evidence to the public eye that the intrusive surveillance spyware FinFisher may be in use by several members of theFreedom Online Coalition, including Mongolia, Netherlands, and Estonia.1

If this evidence is correct, it should rightly raise serious concerns around the world. FinFisher is notorious malware—software that allows those who use it to place programs, often called Trojans, remotely onto computers and devices operated by others, usually without the target’s knowledge much less consent.

Facebook announced today two changes to its News Feed ranking algorithm that will take into account how timely a post from a friend or a Page is when deciding whether to show it. News Feed will now track the latest trends and display posts related to those topics more quickly. For instance, if a newly-released movie is trending, Facebook may prioritize posts about that movie because they are more timely. Tests of the new feature showed a 6 percent increase in user engagement when in effect. Facebook will also now take into account how likes and shares of a post…


Sputnik, Hippies and the Disruptive Technology of Silicon Valley

Sit down and talk with anyone about technology and you’ll have little trouble arguing that the San Francisco Bay Area is the quintessential location for tech startups. The area offers unparalleled access to high quality engineers, venture capitalists and superb universities. But the reason this particular spot ended up at the heart of the technology […]

What’s next for WikiLeaks?


The organisation is struggling to its relevance without Julian Assange at the helm.


Google, Apple and Amazon under fire in OECD war on tax evasion

The OECD wants to force businesses to declare their turnover and number of employees in each country where they are active. Among the multinationals targeted are digital giants Google, Apple and Amazon.

Humanity: Peter Sunde Attends Funeral Without Handcuffs


With Peter Sunde being held in a Swedish prison for copyright offenses, outside attention has periodically turned to the conditions of his imprisonment.

While most people might presume that seclusion, boredom and a bland diet are an inevitable outcome of incarceration, other unexpected events are perhaps the ones that carry the most impact with the public. This week presented one such occasion.


Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel, who had better things to invest in than Twitter, trashes the company in a CNBC interview. What’s the right latitude to grow sour grapes?

Protests gather in US to secure net neutrality

Demonstration in NYC brings together activists and former gubernatorial candidates decrying rise of unequal internet.

pirate cloudTwo years ago The Pirate Bay made an important change to its infrastructure by switching its entire operation to the cloud.

Instead of buying their own hardware The Pirate Bay decided to serve its users from several cloud hosting providers scattered around the world. This saved costs, guaranteed better uptime, and made the site more portable and thus harder to take down.


The undying website of Heaven’s Gate

The website of Heaven’s Gate, the cult whose members killed themselves in hopes of riding Hale-Bopp to the eschaton, remains live 17 years later. Web developer and writer Jason Kottke remembers the day: “It was the first time an internet meme was a major aspect of a national news story.”

peter-sundeThe imprisonment of former Pirate Bay spokesman Peter Sunde has been going on since late May 2014, provoking a number of reports on the conditions under which he is being held.

harperOne of the key elements leading to ease of piracy is file-size. Since music files are relatively small, unauthorized content can be distributed and accessed using a wide array of methods, from torrents and direct storage sites through instant messaging and humble email.

google-bayIn recent years Hollywood and the music industry have taken a rather aggressive approach against Google. The entertainment industry companies believe that the search engine isn’t doing enough to limit piracy, and have demanded more stringent measures.

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New photo from Facebook September 22, 2014 at 11:08AM

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Bazen de faşistler yenilir. via Facebook Pages

New photo from Facebook September 22, 2014 at 12:35AM

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first fifty dates. via Facebook Pages

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