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As its president compares Ebola with Gülen movement, Turkey plans massive scientific initiative: Mosques in every campus…

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Turkey is planning to build 50 mosques inside university campuses across the country as of 2015
President Erdoğan has called on African states to ‘beware of dangerous organizations operating in their country,’ in clear reference to Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen’s movement
ISTANBUL (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden, who begins a two-night visit to Turkey on Friday, is the latest in a stream of U.S. officials who have traveled to Turkey to urge Ankara to step up its role in fighting Islamic State militants in neighboring Syria.

Biden to meet with Erdogan as divide between US and Turkey widens

Differences have arisen regarding Isis, Cyprus and oil and gas reserves in the eastern Mediterranean, leading to questions of Turkey’s reliability as an ally

Anastasiades reportedly told Biden: ‘I want to solve the Cyprus issue as soon as possible. Convey this’
The Special Forces of Turkish army are set to launch a training program for the Peshmerga forces of KRG
The National – David Lepeska – Nov 19, 4:01 PM – On a brilliantly sunny afternoon in September, dozens of pre-teens kicked footballs and chased each other across a concrete playground in front of the 60th Year School in Sancaktepe, a working- class district on Istanbul’s Asian side. Among a group…

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iş güvenliği. via @kaanmete via Facebook Pages

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Sosyal Medya yönetimini afdjalşkden anlamak. via Facebook Pages

New Gezi Park crisis simmering While Turkish intel, security to get exclusive authority on personal data…

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Istanbul Municipality has again included a controversial construction project on the site of Gezi Park
CHP Secretary General Gürsel Tekin has criticized the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s decision to possibly hold a referendum for construction plans in Gezi Park
Turkey’s intelligence agency, the police and the gendarmerie are to get exclusive authority on the personal data of citizens – Rachel Donadio – Nov 18 – ISTANBUL — At a glittering dinner on an island in the Bosporus here last week, Ali Gureli, the chairman of Contemporary Istanbul, the city’s annual art fair, told hundreds of international collectors, gallery owners and artists that Istanbul

The visit by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu was a vivid example of a scramble in Middle East politics as former rivals are seeking to come together to defeat ISIS.
A.Ö., a 14 year-old Syrian boy, has been shot by Turkish soldiers as he crossed the border along with his family to find refuge. His father told bianet that A.Ö. was shot in the head and lost vision in both his eyes.
Why Turkey is looking increasingly alone in the world

Turkey’s parliamentary commission on intelligence ‘as important as Armstrong’s step on moon’

A parliamentary commission overseeing all intelligence activities in Turkey has been established, with the head of the commission describing the move as “similar to Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon.”
A group led by former Interior Minister İdris Naim Şahin has taken the first step toward founding a new political party called the “Nation and Justice Party.”

More Than a Battle, Kobani Is a Publicity War

The fractious Kurdish diaspora has pulled together against ISIS in the hope of creating a homeland in the area that is technically part of Syria.
Some 16 ISIL militants are currently imprisoned in Turkey, Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ says
Turkey’s leading business group has noted its worry over the divergence in perception between Turkey and the EU, adding that there was ‘no alternative’ to joining the bloc to guarantee a secular and pluralist democracy

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Google da eskidi. via @vkirtok via Facebook Pages

Cyberculture agenda: Detekt- A New Malware Detection Tool… “…wild world of Twitter bots

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Recent years have seen a boom in the adoption of surveillance technology by governments around the world, including spyware that provides its purchasers the unchecked ability to target remote Internet users’ computers, to read their personal emails, listen in on private audio calls, record keystrokes and passwords, and remotely activate their computer’s camera or microphone. EFF, together with Amnesty International, Digitale Gesellschaft, and Privacy International have all had experience assisting journalists and activists who have faced the illegitimate use of such software in defiance of accepted international human rights law.

The weird, wild world of Twitter bots

The NY Times’ Nick Bilton took a deep dive into the world of Twitter bots, and even created his own army of Twitter bots (which the Twitter overlords murdered as soon as th article went live).


Twitter data mining reveals surprising detail about socioeconomic indicators but at a fraction of the cost of traditional data-gathering methods, say computational sociologists.

Swedish Court Rejects Julian Assange’s Appeal to Dismiss His Arrest Warrant

More than two years after Julian Assange sought protection at the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK, a Swedish court is still demanding he return to that country to face questioning in a sex crimes investigation. Today a Swedish appeals court rejected Assange’s request to rescind the warrant for his arrest. “In making this assessment, account

The secret life of passwords

PasswordsFew things are as universally despised as passwords

How the Dark Web’s New Favorite Drug Market Is Profiting From Silk Road 2’s Demise

How the Dark Web’s New Favorite Drug Market Is Profiting From Silk Road 2’s Demise

The eBay-style contraband bazaar Evolution has grown more than 50 percent in drug offerings since September.

Building a complete Tweet index

Twitter Blogs – Nov 18, 2014 – Today, we are pleased to announce that Twitter now indexes every public Tweet since 2006. Since that first simple Tweet over eight years ago, hundreds of billions of Tweets have captured everyday human experiences and major historical events.

The Connectivity, Inclusion, and Inequality Group on 19 November 2014 at 10:53AM

Internet Monitor is delighted to announce the publication of “The Tightening Web of Russian Internet Regulation,” the fifth in a series of special reports that focus on key events and new developments in Internet controls and online activity.

The report, authored by Andrey Tselikov, tracks the recent growth of Russian legislation targeted at increasing restrictions on Internet users:

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Turkey embraces Children’s day: “113 children tortured in Turkish prisons or in custody in 2014

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Activists criticized the Justice Ministry for remaining silent in cases of violence and abuse against children in prisons
Turkey’s Human Rights Association released a statement on Universal Children’s Day, underlining the significance of closing juvenile prisons, child labor, child abuse and other right violations

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Sokak Süpürme Aracı- Anaheim, California 1914 via Facebook Pages

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Ankara Üniversitesi Twitter hesabı hacklenmiş olabilir. via @gulsinharman via Facebook Pages

Ayşe Özer: Bir sabah anne, bir sabah…

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yu00FCzme de bilmezdi

Bir sabah anne, bir sabah…

Beden eğitimi dersini yaptığımız spor salonunda yazardı: “sağlam kafa, sağlam vücutta bulunur”. Üç tarafı denizlerle çevrili olan yarım adada yüzme öğrenemeden mezun olduk birçoğumuz liselerden. Sağlam kafa, sağlam vücutta bulunurdu da, yüzme öğrenmek için havuz gerekirdi, hem de mayo giymek hatun kişiler için devlet lisesinde caiz değildi. Devlet lisesi beden eğitimi dersinde uygun adım yürümeyi öğretirdi ki, gençler ip gibi yürüsünler bir çizgide. 19 Mayıs törenlerinde etek boyları konuşulurdu kızların. 19 Mayıs Stadyumundan yapılan canlı yayınlarda gençlerin ellerindeki renkli kartonları kaldırarak oluşturdukları büyük resimler vardı bir de. O gencecik bedenler bir renkli kartonla büyük resmin parçası oluverirlerdi, kendileri göremeseler de. Zonguldak’taki madencinin resmedildiği tablo hep çok büyük alkış alırdı. Yerin altında bir parça kömür için can verenleri hep saygıyla andı bu halk. Kara elmasın karaya boyadığı o yüzleri sevdiğine sözü olan bir gelinlik kız gibi büyük resminde hep başköşeye oturttu. Kalpten kalbe giden o görünmez yolların ihalesiyle zenginleşti.

Yerin yüzlerce metre altında sızan suyun tadına bakarak anlamaya çalıştı mühendis. Nereden geliyordu bu değirmenin suyu? Deniz görmemiş, İstanbul’da yaşasa da denizi göremeyecek çocuklarını mecburen attılar anaları denize. Bir şehirli telaşıyla “aman hayatı öğrensinler şekerim” diye değil, ekmek parası kazansınlar diye. Yüzme de bilmezlerdi ya, ne yaptılar suyun altında?

Boğulmak üzere olan biri “Amentü billahi!” derse Allah yardım eder derdi dedem. Musa’nın meşhur kıssasından alınması gereken hisse buydu ona göre. En günahsızımız bir gün açacak da o Kızıldenizi asasıyla, son anda iman eder gibi yaptığınız o büyük gerçek boğacak sizi.  O gencecik bedenler şimdi hangi büyük resmin parçası olduğunun farkında artık. Desandrede son 100 metredeyiz. Elele nefesliğe çıkılacak, Amentünüzün “billahi!”siz kalacağı gün yakındır. Bir sabah anne, bir sabah…

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